Upcycle some old, wool, sweaters to make this striking garland. The texture will look amazing on your tree and the project takes only 2-3 wool sweaters, a sewing machine and a few hours.

Happy Holidays!

Step 1: Felt Your Sweaters

Start with 2 or 3 100% wool, knit sweaters (check the thrift stores). I chose a bright red, a gray and white, and a brown and mulitcolor. Moth holes are no problem for this project.

To felt the sweaters toss them in your washing machine on hot with detergent and run an extra cycle. Dry in the dryer. Repeat if necessary. The sweaters should be well shrunk and thick--they should not fray when you cut them.

In addition to the sweaters, you'll also need sharp scissors and a sewing machine. Ready to go?
Such an earthy touch to the natural Christmas tree. Lovely!
I Love this! I'll be looking out for old sweaters in 2nd hand shops and get in early for the next Christmas! <br /> Thank you very much for this instructable!!!<br />
&nbsp;It looks very nice, with the good old Christmas colours! And, since most of my ornaments are selfmade, for years I'm trying to find a reasonnable way to make a garland. I'm not really good with a sewing machine, but I feel the solution is very close now !!! &nbsp;Thanks for the lovely instructable &nbsp;:-)
I think this is beautiful and it contrasts perfectly against your Christmas tree! Now if only I could figure out how to fix the tension on my sewing machine I would make this.... Hopefully it will be fixed before next December. Ha! Great work!

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