Picture of Felted wool Kindle cover
This is how to make a neat, protective cover for an e-reader from an old woollen jumper.  The dimensions given are for the current (in March 2013) basic Kindle model with a 6” display and no keyboard, which measures 166 mm x 114 mm x 8.7 mm.  However, it would be easy to make one to suit other sizes of e-reader or tablet.  It fastens with a hook and loop closure because anything hard like a button, buckle or press stud might damage the Kindle if pressure is applied to it.  A trim around the opening edge neatens the cover and makes it more hardwearing.  The whole thing is washable and is soft enough to avoid scratching the device as it is slipped in and out, yet the thickness of the felt will save it from knocks and, of course, protect it from extremes of heat/cold too. 

You will need
  • An old, adult-sized, 100% wool, non-superwash sweater
  • A scrap of patterned cotton fabric in a toning colour
  • Matching sewing thread
  • A Velcro (hook and loop closure) dot or short length of Velcro tape
  • Paper, pencil and ruler to make a pattern
  • Sewing machine
  • Dressmaking scissors
  • Pins, needles, tacking thread
  • Chalk pencil or water-soluble crayon
  • Washing machine
  • Iron, preferably steam
  • A ½” or ¾” (12mm or 18mm) bias binding maker (optional)
It is important that the jumper you use is 100% wool, or nearly so, and is not superwash treated since that process strips off the scales on the outside of the fibres that make them prone to getting tangled and felting.  You might get away with up to 10% nylon or polyester in the blend, or perhaps a slightly bigger proportion of another animal hair fibre, but 100% wool will felt easiest and quickest.  This is a great use for an old sweater that has already had an unhappy washday experience, or has worn elbows or suffered minor moth attack, but if you don't have such a sweater then look for something suitable in a jumble sale or charity shop.  Fair Isle designs look terrific when felted. 
It looks so comfy! great instructions and neatly done :)
SHIFT!2 years ago
great work with documentation! I love that you upcycled a sweater or clothing into a case for your kindle or iPad- I'm interested in seeing if can turn an old quilt into a padded case myself.
Yorkshire Lass (author)  SHIFT!2 years ago
Thank you! Post a photo of your case when you've made it, I'd love to see it.