Introduction: Female Titan

This was a collaboration with another Youtuber! It was super fun and I can't wait to do another one. =) I hope you guys enjoy this look and please be sure to subscribe to my youtube page @ and help support my art! Thank you so much for your support. <3

Step 1: Base

Picture of Base

Fist I took my white eyeliner pencil and mapped out the open holes that will be on my face. I then took a custom mixed face paint ( I used white Mehron paint, a little brown Mehron paint and a tad of yellow Mehron paint) and I placed that all over my face leaving the open holes clear of any product.

Step 2: Red!

Picture of Red!

I took the color berry red from Mehron and put in on my eye sockets and my open holes on the side of my mouth.

Step 3: Shadows

Picture of Shadows

I took the black out eyeshadow from Urbad Decay and lightly added it into the red. I placed it on the edges and pulled it toward the center. I then took a white body paint and highlighted around the holes. It's just a little touch.

Step 4: Dots

Picture of Dots

Keeping that white face paint I added little dots to the eyes like she has in the anime.

Step 5: Mouth Details

Picture of Mouth Details

I used to brown and gray eyeshadow from BH cosmetics to shadow under the lips making to lines almost.

Step 6: Eye Detail

Picture of Eye Detail

Using black eyeshadow I added some details into the eye section. I added black to the crease of my eyes and also added the black around the white dots.

Step 7: Lips

Picture of Lips

I took a red lip gloss and added that to my lips. I'm really not sure of the brand though.

Step 8: More Face Details

Picture of More Face Details

I used some more black eyeshadow to deepen up the shadows under my lip, and then I took some brown shadow to add some lines around my eyes and also around the holes on my mouth.

Step 9: Highlight

Picture of Highlight

I took some white face paint and dabbed it on the inside of the red to add some highlights to the inside of the holes.

Step 10: Body

Picture of Body

So I took the white eyeliner again to outline the body shape I wanted.

Step 11: Base

Picture of Base

I took that red color and filled in the big muscle areas, then I took that costume color I used on the face and filled in the rest of my body.

Step 12: Shadow

Picture of Shadow

I took some black eye shadow and shadowed on the red to create depth.

Step 13: Details

Picture of Details

I used dark red body paint to add lines for the muscles to give it texture.

Step 14: White

Picture of White

I then used white to add highlights , and I used some brown eye shadow around the edges of the holes.

Step 15: Brown Shadow

Picture of Brown Shadow

I used some brown shadow lightly all over.


MichiganDave (author)2017-03-20

I totally agree with gm280. A BIG thanks for sharing.

MsMaoMaoz (author)MichiganDave2017-03-20

Thank you! =)

gm280 (author)2017-03-20

With your facial features and amazing blue eyes, you should do a straight up glamour makeup for everybody to see. And you should also be moving on to special effects for movie productions. You obviously have the talent!

MsMaoMaoz (author)gm2802017-03-20

I have been asked a lot to do a beauty makeup, I should give it a shot! And thank you. =)

JulianAzz (author)2017-03-19

I truly love your unique talent for make up.

MsMaoMaoz (author)JulianAzz2017-03-19

Thank you so much!

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