Fence in a Bag Set Up


Introduction: Fence in a Bag Set Up

About: My invention that is entering into retail

Follow these easy steps to get your fence set up fast.

If pole does not extend easily just twist one part of the pole while extending it.

Step 1: Fabric

Take out fabric and lay it out flat.

Step 2: Upper Hook

Insert top hook into the upper grommet of the fabric

Step 3: Unlock Pole

Turn black dial to the right to unlock the pole and pull to extend the length.

Step 4: Lower Hook

Insert bottom hook into the lower grommet.

Step 5: Lock Pole

Extend pole till the fabric is tight and then turn dial to the left till it is tight. This will lock the pole into place.

Step 6: Add Poles

After you have the first pole inserted, count the grommets along the top to number 10. Each grommet is one foot apart, so 10 will be 10 feet, there will be 9 empty grommets between the 2 poles. Insert your second pole the same as the first one and repeat above steps for the next 3 poles.



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    Smart idea!!! Just know, sir, that Trump would be proud. ;-) lol

    1 reply

    Build it and they will come!! And thank you

    This would be really helpful when we're camping so our dog doesn't have to stay on a lead line the whole time!

    1 reply

    Thank you for the comment. That was where I came up with the idea actually. And today fence in a bag is officially on sale.