Original elements from my various ball machines, all in one place. I will keep this updated, adding more elements with each ball machine.
Photo is from Space Tower.

Step 1: Wheel

A different sort of wheel that I hadn't seen before. From Four Flags.
Nice elements. Especially creative with the roller coaster connectors for the eliptica. Hope to see more soon!
I have about 8 of the gold connectors, so I improvised. Same thing with the flat spiral. Track connectors can replace gold connectors in a lot of ways, if you're willing to take the time to figure out how to attach them.
I have the opposite problem...about 24 gold connectors and 0 coaster connectors. However, I bought a bunch of K'nex this weekend so hopefully that situation will be changing! :-D
I really like how you made that flat spiral with rollercoaster pieces. Other elements are nice as wel.

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