Ferrocerium Incendiary Targets





Introduction: Ferrocerium Incendiary Targets

Simple instructions on how to create some targets using ferrocerium to create a reactive effect when struck by a bullet.



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    @Kiteman to answer your questions:

    "Can those rods be sawed into short lengths?"
    I would say, No, as they produce sparks at temperatures at high temperatures. (as when scraped against a rough surface, like a saw blade)

    "Does an airgun pellet carry enough energy to strike up a similar flash"
    I think it would depend on the type of pellet. Using "traditional" BB pellets
    (Usually made of steel and plated either with zinc or copper), I think it would be possible. Also it would depend on the firing method, many "airsoft" guns are either spring powered, (Automatic ones have a electrically driven spring system) or are gas powered (usually CO2)...
    CO2 generally yield a higher FPS (foot-pound-second).

    Your best bet would to just test out some of the options, though I would also look into the various methods used in "potato" cannons, some of them yield very high FPS.

    Resources: (from Wikipedia)
    Airsoft guns
    Potato "gun" (they're actually cannons)

    Good Luck, and Happy Testing!
    (and welcome to the Aperture Laboratory Testing Facility)


    Feet PER second not pound, but you are right about everthing else.

    Two questions:

    Can those rods be sawed into short lengths?

    Does an airgun pellet carry enough energy to strike up a similar flash?

    Yes its quite easy to cut with a hacksaw, but as said you will get a load of hot sparks. It snaps easy as its brittle.

    I don't know about air rifle, I think you will get sparks but not in a spectacular fashion. Steel BB's would likely ricochet quite hard. The idea is to shatter and powder the rods in the air then let pyrophoric oxidation ignite the powder.