Introduction: Festival Stage - Castle of Love

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Main stage Dance festival Castle of love.

The castle wall with drawbridge are made of Styrofoam insulation.

Measurements are: 22 meters wide and 10 meters high.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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-styrofoam/ insulation foam plates

-iron grid




Step 2: Technical Drawing

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Drawing of the layher. These are the dimensions to which the iron grids, with the stones, need to be made.

This is all made in advance, in order to make sure that the build-up of the festival site proceeds rapidly.

The prefab.

Step 3: Prefab

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In order to make the stones, the Styrofoam plates need to be cut in pieces of different sizes.

Step 4: Prefab

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Attach the iron grids onto the layher with tyraps.

Then attach the 'stones' to the grid.

Step 5: Prefab

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Carve the blocks in a way that they will get a 'brick'shape.

Step 6: Prefab

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Give accents to the bricks using paint, so they appear to have cracks/holes.

Step 7: Prefab Done

Take off the grids from the layher, and transport them to the festival side.

Step 8: Layher Constuction on the Festival Side

Picture of Layher Constuction on the Festival Side

Step 9: Attachement of the Grids Onto the Layher

Picture of Attachement of the Grids Onto the Layher

Step 10: Installation Technique and Audio

Picture of Installation Technique and Audio

LED screens



Flame jets



co2 jets

Step 11: Party!

Picture of Party!

When finished, it is time to enjoy the party.


Drink responsibly :D :P


tjdux (author)2016-06-02

man that's very cool. just to try and translate your English to us....

Tryaps- zip ties?
iron structure....rebar?
the steel pipe maybe?

the foam board insulation is the stones bit it's not listed in the materials list....?

I get that anyone making something of this scale will find their own way but I wish you had a little more instruction so to help inspire people who are trying to research how to accomplish something like this

Great ible. it leaves me wanting more.. much more. Congrats on a great build and what looked like a great event. I don't mean to being your ible down I just want to know more thanks.

trilby27 (author)2016-06-02

Seriously cool.

Bebo1021 (author)2016-06-02


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