Hello there folks! James from Elemental LED's Account Manager here with my first Instructables project made for the holidays.

The idea came to me when a client needed something specific to which the company hand not touched base on (at the time) and I decided to make a very rough prototype to prove the concept. I also thought why not make it fun and do it holiday style.

Three Super Bright LED Modules in red, green, and blue
Apollo DMX Color Controller w/ 12v Adapter
DC Wire Plugs (1) Female and (1) Male

Fiber Optic Cable Strands (about 150 or more strands)
Computer Fan
Cable Ties
Tupperware container
Electric Tape
Straws (usually comes with the Fiber Optics)
Holiday themed stickers

The Tools of the Trade needed for your holiday madness:
Flat Head 4mm Screwdriver
Wire Cutters
Boxed Cutter or Carpenters Knife

Step 1: Prepping the Lighting Source

First step is to secure your fiber optic cables to your Super Bright Modules, usually the cables come with a plastic housing to secure them all. It's very important to use these so you don't lose your strands. You can use any materials to secure them to the Super Bright Module, Electric tape is the easiest.

You want to do this for all three colors and test them to make sure no light protrudes through the electrical tape and make sure the strands can stand vertically and are secure.

You'll then want to snip the wire ends off to length but leaving some in case of emergency. Remember, "Measure Twice..Cut Once". You also want to snip the wires so that you have a 2 wire connection for each module, this way you can install all the positive lead wires to the green terminal block from your Apollo Color Controller, and then line up each negative wire according to color on the block.

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