What's cool? Fiber optics.
What's cooler? Lasers.
What's awesome? Fire fans.

his instructable was inspired in part by fire fans and in part by the bionic ballerina

Each fan is made of five fiber optic rods, lit by tilt sensor to be red or yellow, and two lasers.

I have a video below of the fiber optic part working, but my camera isn't nice enough to give the full effect, especially the lasers. You'll have to trust me that they're awesome.

This is part of a light-up dance costume that goes with the dazzle jacket and lightcatcher dress. The costumes are intended to aid self-expression and augment the inherent drama and design of the dance costume.

Laser fans allow the dancer to transform any dark place into a dance floor with their visible beams, immersing the audience in the experience. The fiber optic rods, which can be used independently of the lasers, highlight the area close to the dancer and the dancer's specific movements (the dancer can interact with the fans by flipping them to change their color). Without the lasers, the fiber optics create an intimately lit dance space on a dark stage.

Step 1: Materials

.25" fiber optic rods
cutting mat (for use as a material)
heat shrink tubing
super bright green laser pointers (these ones are awesome, though they take a very long time to get here)
tilt sensor
button cell battery

vertical band saw
drill press
hot glue gun
soldering iron
heat gun

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