Step 5: Attach the Flowers and Leaves to LEDs

Picture of Attach the Flowers and Leaves to LEDs
Group a couple flowers (3 worked the best for me) and one flower stem.

Arrange them together so that the heights look good to you.

Cut them all off evenly.

Thread them into the clear shrink tubing a bit. The goal is to find a length of tube that supports them and lets them move around a bit.

Cut the clear tube off with about 1/4 to 3/8 inch extra.

Push the bulb of an LED into the end of the tube. Fidget with it until the LED is solidly in the tube and the fiber optic cables touch it.

Heat shrink it together. BE CAREFUL. The fiber optic is a thermoplastic and will melt with heat. Try to move the heat gun around as much as possible and focus the heat toward the bottom.

Repeat this until all of your flowers and leaves are used up. I ended up with 10 groups.