Step 8: Attaching the Flowers and Grass

On your remaining plastic decide where you'd like the flowers to go. Spread them out as equally as you can. Drill pairs of holes for the LED legs to go though, keeping in mind a 'route' for the wiring. All of the positives need to connect, and all of the negatives need to connect. I added 4 LEDs without flowers to help brighten it up.

Once those are drilled fill in the board with single holes for the grass. Again spread them out, and make sure there's a row of grass around the outside edge to camoflauge any visible LEDs.

Push one LED through the panel. On the bottom fold the wires over in the direction of the next LED you plan to wire.

Cut two lengths of wire long enough to trace the entire patch of the LED wires.

Leaving a short tail, twist one of them around the positive wire of the LED on the panel. Cut a piece of the black shrink tubing long enough to reach from there to the next LED (plus a bit, because it will shrink along the length of the wire as well.) Thread the tube on and shrink it. Do the same to the negative side. Trim off any extra LED wire. Add another LED and keep wiring the same way. Connect up all of your LEDS being REALLY careful to keep all positives connected to positives and negatives connected to negatives.

At the end of the positive wire cut it down to an inch or so, then add shrink tube and a resistor.

Push the grass pieces through their holes, fold over the wire on the back and secure it with a bit more epoxy.

*All images are the BOTTOM of the panel.*