Picture of Fiber optic LED bling

This instructable is very EASY! IF you know how to connect a LED to V+ and Gnd. This is for you.

I had some spare 3mm fiber optic cable from my previous project,that need to direct IR light source to a very focus beam to use on the IR camera.

It would be a waste to leave the balance items at one corner, collecting dust and remained wasted.

EL wires are cool, but they are kinda pricey and need a 9v inverter to work with.

Part list.
2x blinking LED 5mm: s$0.5 each

3x 1.5v cell battery. FREE. Pulled out from cheapo laser pointers.

10cm fiber optic cable 3mm diameter:s$1.2 (s$12 per meter from Sim Lim Tower, Singapore, B1 Continental electronics)

11cm 3mm diameter plastic tube. It is those you use in your aquarium to connect to an air stone. FREE.

total cost:s$2.2

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Step 1: The body of the bling

Picture of The body of the bling
1. Insert the 3mm diameter fiber optic cable into the 3mm diameter plastic tube.

fiber optic cable is the media for light to be conducted.
the transparent plastic tube provides a housing for the  optic cable. We will be using it to hold our LED.

2. If it is difficult to slide in the fiber optic cable into the tube. Apply some mineral oil to lube it. I have used some johnson&johnson baby oil. Can't seem to find my mineral oil from the local supplies.

Step 2: Add the LEDs!

Picture of add the LEDs!
1. Shove in the LEDs at both end of the plastic tube. A pair of sharp nos pliers come real handy.
2. Make sure you do not break the LEDs by using too much force on the pliers.

3 repeat step2 for the other end
loopy-garou3 years ago
I can't get to Singapore this weekend. Is there any place in the USA that might sell the 3mm fiberoptic filament?