Picture of Fiberglass Car Front Speakers
This is a instructable about how to make your very own Fiberglass speaker shell.

My car is a 1994 520i BMW, Its my pride and joy :).

This project can be a bit pricey but it is cheaper then buyig custom made ones from a shop. this all up in materials was probably AUD $200, but i brought extras and more then i needed and for future projects. But look around and find the cheapest stuff if you can!

All steps are how i did  mine, you can change how you do them or follow mine, compeletly up to you.
I did a lot of research on how to do these but no one did a instructable on how to do speakers for the front of the car, only Subwoofers. I take no credit for coming up with this competely by my self, i looked and read a lot of instructables on how to do this.  I will update this instructable when i have painted mine as i am not at university for the moment where i can use a painting room with free paint :)

please comment, i will try to reply!!

And please ignore all Spelling Errors haha


* Fiberglass Mat ( 2 Metres )
* Resin & Hardener ( 2 / 3 Litres )
* Body filler ( 1kg )
* Wooden dowel ( Single lenght, 6mm )
* Speaker Spacers or MDF Cut to size
* Fabric ( Fleece or simular ) ( 1 Metre )
* 1" Brushes (least a dozen, cheap ones)
* Cups ( For mixing )
* Syringe ( For Resin Hardener )
* Masking Tape
* Painters Blue Tape
* Plastic ( Bin Bags or Protection plastic )

** All Materials are based Roughly on what i used **


* Dremel or other cutting device
* Hot Glue Gun
* Saw
* Sanding paper
* Ruler
* Fan ( Big )
* Safety Glasses or Goggles ( Safety First!! )
* Face Masks ( Suitable for Fiberglass Fumes AND / OR Fiberglass Fibers )
* Gloves ( 50 pack )
* Radio ( Help the time go by )

Time to get cracking!

hamsammy2 years ago
Been thinking about doing this for a while with a sub in the trunk of a sedan.. I'm really thinking this will be the summer that I do it.. Nice 'ible.
lost_sanity (author)  hamsammy2 years ago
thanks man, if your going to do Subs, make sure you do least 5 layers and probably coat the inside again with resin just to be safe. :) good luck