Picture of LED Fiber Optic Chandelier
The chandelier was a fun project that I have always wanted to make so when the opportunity to make it came up, I incorporated it into my major project for my HSC of 2013 (final assessments of high school). I was so pleased with the results that I thought I would publish them for everyone to see. Sometimes the photos won't quite match or show exactly what is being described in the step since these photos are taken directly from my portfoilo I had to create along with the chandelier.

LED chandeliers do exist but I wanted to make one since commercially they start at about $2000 each. Mine cost about $200 to make and looks (and functions) much better! It is also remote control and capable of being used in a fundraising setting, within a cafe, hospital or supermarket to promote awareness about issues (specifically illnesses) that affect society:

My need is to create a chandelier that promotes awareness of multiple diseases through the use of colour changing LED technology which is symbolic of the many coloured ribbons, e.g. red for AIDS awareness and pink for breast cancer. Therefore one chandelier reaches a larger audience with little effort. This chandelier promotes equity, awareness and love.

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vkumar521 year ago

What a neat project. Hope you got a good grade on this

Jake Morton (author)  KiltedHenry1 year ago

Thanks Henry! we still haven't got our results for the projects but we did get our offers for uni :D

Congratulations on winning the make it glow contest, I predicted you'd win!
Jake Morton (author)  Liam.great981 year ago

Yay thank you heaps :D

solipsism1 year ago

um for moving...someone mentioned successive cardboard cylinders..I would add that I would put slits in the end of cardboard, then just fold each ball into the slit and they wont move around at all.

Jake Morton (author)  solipsism1 year ago

Yeah its a good idea I have thought that if it was comercially available I would have a large box with concentric "dough nuts" of foam that keep each layer separate

impressive! That's a lot of hard work. It might look even better if it was a spiral instead of concentric circles...
Jake Morton (author)  Antzy Carmasaic1 year ago
Thank you!! I'm actually thinking of making a spiral one but with a smaller diameter

Congrats on winning the make it glow contest!

Jake Morton (author)  Antzy Carmasaic1 year ago

Thank you :)

Very nice project.

I'd've bought acrylic balls too.
Great Job! Just don't tnagle them up when moving.
Jake Morton (author)  alan52521 year ago
Hahah taking this to school as it was, was a nightmare! They got so tangled it took me about an hour and a half to untangle!

Take heavy duty board stock and roll it into a tube slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the fibers coming down from the base of the lamp. While the lamp is still hanging in the air slip the tube stock up so that the fibers are all on the outside until the marbles are below the bottom of the tube. Taking a waist bin bungee cord or you can place it around the outside of the fibers to hold them in place. You could also try using a low tack tape to better secure the fibers.

Jake Morton (author)  steveastrouk1 year ago
Thank you very much :) By acrylic balls, do you mean marbles? I'd love to see the project you make with them!
Marbles here are made of solid glass, and very hard to drill. Are they plastic where you are ?
Jake Morton (author)  steveastrouk1 year ago
Yeah i bought glass ones off ebay, they are impossible to find anywhere else + they are really cheap online :) Finding a method to drill these took a lot of experimentation: drill with engraver, drill with pointed sanding drum, etc but I finally got a method which even though is length, gives a very high quality finish.

I have fiber optics by the spool - about 20 spools of all different gauges of it. I was at an auction and thought I was bidding on rolls of cable wire and got a pallet of fiber optic instead. It has all been tested and most are full spools - I would be willing to sell some - I'm not sure what it sells for but, I would get rid of it for a much much discounted price. My e-mail is reginawritesalot@yahoo.com - Just let me know you read about it on this site and title the email - 'fiber Optics for sale' so I don't overlook it.

kjlpdx1 year ago
I am retired so just as a hobby. Draft sight is avail as freeware and works just like autocad, which is primarily a 2D drawing system. it handles any geometry you can give it, but consequentially isn't real easy to learn. Sketchup! starts easy, but once you want non-square corners it gets difficult. routers typically only need 2.5D drawings, although they are capable of true 3D carving. I would encourage you to learn some CAD. it's a kick to draw a part and then have the cnc router make it for you, hands off and perfect.
skyscraper lamp 003.JPGskyscraper lamp 003.JPG
Jake Morton (author)  kjlpdx1 year ago
Yeah I will eventually learn those CAD packages since having control and access to those types of amazing machines is a good skill to have. Love those quirky towers you made btw! :D
Absolutely beautiful. Great job!
Jake Morton (author)  veruca_salt8901 year ago
Thank you very much :D
Oh. And speaking of oscillations, I remember reading that Nicola Tesla once claimed that he could take down a building with his oscillator that was about the size of a deck of cards. It's the same reasoning that keeps soldiers from marching over a bridge. They walk, out of step. Mythbusters sort of worked on it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xODgR2FEKo
Stunning work. Congratulations.
I'm wondering if you couldn't have even more fun by adding a cell phone vibrator with a speed controller. Then you could play with oscillation frequencies as well. You'd have to mount the vibrator verically, but I believe that even something as small as a cell vibrator could create very interesting effects.
Jake Morton (author)  Ricardo Furioso1 year ago
Thank you!! That would be a really cool idea! Having little waves travel down the fibres. Thanks for the tip!
I really think you could do it with minimal trouble. Hell, you could probably try it out with a cell vibrator and a battery. I'm imagining the marbles just quietly dancing. If you do it, please post the video. Gotta see.
Katzsta1 year ago
As a cancer survivor I really appreciate your designing something that is uncommon, but can still reflect the variety of diseases now covered by cheap plastic wristbands. It's not only beautiful in it's own right, but also beautiful in a soulful way. I also admire your patience and attention to detail.
Jake Morton (author)  Katzsta1 year ago
Thank you for that beautiful comment, I am really glad you appreciate it as much as you do!
I take it that you are not in the USA. FibreOpticsStore.com is not the link. It is FiberOpticsStore.com The former is a dead end.
In the USA, perspex is usually called Plexiglass or acrylic.

The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language.

George Bernard Shaw
Jake Morton (author)  Snidely704481 year ago
Actually yeah the site I used for the fibre actually has a new site:
I live in Australia and I do find things are named / measured differently which is a little bit annoying sometimes :P
Thank you for the link. I tried Ebay but when I searched for fiber or fibre optic I got everything but what I was looking for.
Jake Morton (author)  Snidely704481 year ago
Yeah I had that problem too, its all those tacky, cheapo toys and not fibre on a spool. That link is probably the cheapest I found on the internet!
kjlpdx1 year ago
I have a cnc router if you'd like some parts cut for future projects. kevinlane55@gmail.c0m
Jake Morton (author)  kjlpdx1 year ago
Thats awesome! Thank you very much for the offer! Are you based in Sydney?
Portland, OR USA unfortunately. [I have been to Sydney once!] it is really nice being able to use autocad, or sketchit!, or say, draft sight CAD software and not have to layout the geometry on the actual piece. plus cutting a second, or modifying/scaling is very easy. I can put a pen in the machine and use it as a plotter too.
Jake Morton (author)  kjlpdx1 year ago
Oh damn... haha. I actually haven't used too many CAD programs myself however my school has them. The design faculty also has a 3D printer and a wooden CNC mill which they say I can come in and use any time which is great! Do you use those machines for work or as a hobbyist?
bpark10001 year ago
Beware one thing, when working with acrylic plastic (Plexiglass, Perspex) and you are machining it (sawing, cutting, drilling). Despite the care you use to cool the plastic at the point of cut, it still gets heated, enough to melt. When it cools, a thin film on the surface of where you cut stresses under tension. Over time, the marbles will crack, cracks radiating out from the holes. To prevent this, the plastic must be annealed (heated to the stress-relief temperature, and cooled slowly enough that essentially the whole cools together. For acrylic plastic, this will be somewhere around 300 degrees F, cooling to room temperature in 12 hours. If you warm the marbles before drilling to 180F (for 4 hours), they will be less brittle and less likely to crack during the drilling. Another thing you might want to try is using "leaky fiber" which glows all along its length, not just at its ends.
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