Introduction: Fibre Pot Wall Lamp

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Fibre Pot Wall Lamp

Design+Production by Hande Öztürk

Step 1: What Do You Need?

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-55 fibre pots

-2 box white spray paint

-2 box yellow spray paint

-1 box lusterless gray spray paint

-1 box spray varnish

(İnterior Wall)


(35x 68)



-2 Bulb(28w)

-2 porcelain socket

-2m electric cable





-Paint Brush

-Die-cutting Machine

-Box cutter

-Plastic Container

Step 2: How Do You Begin?

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First of all, decide shape which you’ll design with changing place of fibre pots.I decide to design the shape like ‘’S’’.

·After, you decide the shape, make a hole in base of fibre potswith drill to ensure fitler light.

·Spray every fibre pots which you’ll use to prevent sponginess of material and prevent softening.After dry fibre pots, spray one more time.

Step 3: Stapling

Picture of Stapling

Staple the fibre pots which were sprayed according to your shape which is you had

Step 4: Brush on Putty

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Mix putty with water to get smooth surface until it will be like milkshake.Brush on
the putty to iner and exterior surface of fibre pots.After dry fibre pots,repeat the same process 3 times more.Surface will become tough and smooth.

Step 5: Mask

Picture of Mask

Spray the inner surface of fibre pots with yellow spray paint. Before spraying , make mask as a round which has a radius like radius of fiber pots on the cardboard to not spray exterior surface of fiber pots. Put this mask onto fiber pots then spray.

Step 6: Production of Panel to Put Lightening

Picture of Production of Panel to Put Lightening

Panel has to be S shape to place fiber pots like S shape. You can make a model before cut MDF.


Step 7: Cutting MDF

Picture of Cutting MDF

After specify the measurement with model , cut the MDF with die cutting machine.

Step 8: Spraying

Picture of Spraying

Varnish the piece which was cut 2 times.

After varnishing , spray with grey spray paint.

Step 9: Mounting Process

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Place 2 big pieces as opposite direction.Screw on those pieces from their sides on the MDF.Don’t prefer screw which has a large diameter.

P.S: I coudn’t staple the fibre pots as opposite direction I combine them 2 big pieces.

Step 10: Mounting of Lighting

Picture of Mounting of Lighting

Specify places to place 2 sockets on the MDF.After that, make holes in these
places.Pass cables through holes and combine one cable with one sockets.

To activate the other socket, wire up socket which you combined with cable.

P.S: Cables has to pass through under the MDF.It should be appeared.

Step 11: Hanging

Picture of Hanging

After these process, place bulbs

Mounting the hanger to top and back side of panel you’ll need a hanger to hang the lightening erectly.

Good Luck:)


aosposto22 (author)2014-06-08

Lovely as you are

TheRealRocketBurns (author)2014-05-03

Love it! Does anyone else think it looks like a wasp's nest? :)

Great project

You are the first person who say that it looks like a wasp's nest. :) I am glad to hear you liked it :) Thank you :)

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-05-02

That looks great! So creative :D

Thank you:)

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)2014-05-02

wow... Very creative :)

Thank you:)

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