Introduction: Fidget Spinner With No Bearing

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in this instructable, i will be teaching you how to build a fidget spinner with no bearings and made from mainly cardboard. please vote

Step 1: Materials

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collect cardboard

you will need



hot glue

3 pennys

Step 2: Cutting

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draw youur design

cut your design x2

get a penny and cut it out x2

Step 3: Putting Weights

Picture of Putting Weights

lay the cardboard down put hot glue and put pennys put hot glue on top and put other cardboard

put those cardboard circles in middle and put tooth pick down and cut

Step 4: Almost Finished

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hot glue the tips of the tooth pick and let dry

Step 5: Finished

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have fun


12521254 (author)2017-05-31

I don't get it

KyleB144144 (author)2017-05-13

how does it spin so good?

zpark1125 (author)2017-05-12

it did not work. I tried 4 times.

Ibrahimomarkhan (author)2017-05-08

if anyone has any comments or questions please ask

Ibrahimomarkhan (author)2017-05-08


AyyubK (author)2017-05-06

so cool it works so well

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