Step 1: Conserve Water vs. the Traditional camp hand washing technique

Picture of Conserve Water vs. the Traditional camp hand washing technique
Before this Instructable camp wash station, this was the well documented typical food preparation procedure at camp in 10 easy steps. (remember these are young teen scouts learning cooking and cleaning responsibility.)

1. Raw chicken is removed from its package and karate chop hacked into cubes (ok...chunks) with several finger-slicing near-misses with the knife.

2. The hacked raw chicken pieces are grabbed, and with the precisionons of an NBA three point shot, are individually tossed into the dutch oven....swoosh...nothing but cast iron...(most of the time).  

3. With a sense of winning the game at the buzzer, hands are about to be ceremoniously wiped on the pants.
 Wait...there's a whistle on the play...Leadership refereering intervenes... a technical foul is called.  The penalized  scout is directed to go properly wash his hands.

Properly washing entailed a trip to the 5 gallon spigotted blue jug propped on the end of the picnic table.

4. These same chickened hands open the spogot to start the WATER FLOWING....
One-thousand 1
One-thousand 2
One-thousand 3
5. The hands are wetted
One thousand 4
One thousand 5
One thousand 6
6. Soap is applied
One thousand 7
One thousand 8
7. Wash
One thousand 9
"ewugh"...pause to examine and scrape a rogue piece of chicken stuck to a finger
One thousand 10
One thousand 11
Wash some more...wants to be thorough...because that's just how scouts are...
One thousand 12
One thousand 13
8. Rinse
one thousand 14
One thousand 15
and Rinse
one thousand 16
and some more (because it takes a while to rinse away the suds of six pumps of soap)
One thousand 17
One thousand 18
9. Shake hands to fling water drops and for a quick air dry
One thousand 19
One thousand 20
10. Turn CHICKEN COVERED spigot OFF...with a once clean hand.

Lets critique the process:
Hands cleaned ...Check
Hands re-contaminated from the spigot...Check
Boots submerged (in a newly created mud puddle under the water jug)...Check
Pant legs soaked (from spigot water splashing into same puddle)....Check
Water jug successfully relieved of a gallon or more of water....Check
(Which means after the next 4 washes, the "discussion" about whose turn it is to fetch more water will start.  Which will be followed by a unanimus scout group decision  that their hands are not really that dirty after all)
...and then...hand washing in general...is over...Check


While this new wash station can't make campers wash their hands, it can make it easier, and prevent a soaking; all while conserving water.
Pumping water, even with a foot pump, requires effort so you know water use will be kept to a bare minimum...letting gravity spill it on the ground is easy... and fast!

The same 5 gallons now lasts all day even with everyone washing their hands for meals.