Step 13: Storage

Picture of Storage
 Note: Each of the components - Pump, Pedal, two sections of Spout Riser pipes and the Spout and Tubing Assembly are sized to fit within the height of the bucket for storage.

- Everything is stored inside the Gray Water Bucket.
- This bucket fits inside the Fresh Water Bucket
(The brass fittings in the Fresh Water Bucket are mounted low enough that they do not prevent the buckets from nesting fully together.)
- The Basin fits inside the top of the Gray Water Bucket
(the 1/2" pipe portion of the Spout Riser fits through the drain hole in the Basin)
The Fresh Water Lid fits on top of the Basin to close everything up.
Kdemon2 years ago
I love this idea, I would add a solar still to cook the gray water and distill it back into the reservoir!
Eeloie5 years ago
I just looooooove this!  What's more, with your great directions, I think I can do it.  I don't go camping, but I cook and garden quite a bit on my deck.  Now that I'm retired, I spend almost the entire day on the deck when I'm not running errands.  This would be great and save me running back and forth to the kitchen when I want to rest or go back to my book or laptop.  Thanks so much for your design and creativity.
Broberg5 years ago
I have to admit this is a wonderful idea! I am looking at an afordable way to have a wash station/sink for our family camps and this is it! The photos and directions are spot on! I can't wait to get started on our Field Sink soon (maybe this next weeek even) Thanks for all the hard work you do with your scouts and have a great time enjoying the great outdoors!!!