Picture of Fifteen Minute, Self-propelled hovercraft
This instructable coves how to build a hovercraft out of a foam tray, cardboard, and some other household items.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project you need:
A foam meat tray (smaller is better)
Some non-corrugated cardboard (I used the kind in Kudos bar boxes)
A small 1.5 volt DC motor
A propeller that can attatch to the motor (I used one from an old RadioShack kit)
A nine volt battery
A nine volt battery snap
A glue gun
A craft knife
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Firstdalek4 months ago

could you post a video to show it flying?

aman.memon.315 months ago

is it compulsory that the propeller should be attached to the motor

_hhhaleyy7 months ago

Where can you get the batteries, my friend and I are doing this for our Science Fair?

Nice and simple, good job!
gamelord722 years ago
how does an rc helicopter work?....doesn't seem to match the concept of this model....
takn372 years ago
optimist1234 years ago
how fast does it go
Does the motor voltage affect how good it hovers?
Dr. No (author)  Castle Seige8 years ago
I only tried it with one motor, but I'm guessing it would.
would it be possible to use flat styrofoam rather than the meat tray? Thanks{{{

Actually a flat styrofoam is much butter if you tape a plastic sheet to it .it should be a bit loose....in the centre stick the plastic to the styrofoam plate with the help of screws and a metal strip( tin wil do the trick) but remember to add a fey holes close to the metal strip....this make a good air cusion in the middle.....i am going to try this model.....i have made my designs....just waiting to buy a few of the stuff.....actually i am looking for a moter for the downward thrust.....and i am sure that the motor used in computer cpu's for cooling parts will work best.....
Dr. No (author)  Skleck9118 years ago
Flat styromfoam might work, just make sure it's not warped or the air will escape through the gaps between the styrofoam and the ground.
..Dylan..7 years ago
Hey. I'm building a hovercraft in school. We're using two motors? What do you suggest that I do?
For the fan for the downward thrust you should use the one that are used in computer cpu's for cooling down parts.........you can easily screw and tape it to the tray after making a hole for it......and for the vertical thruster you can easily use dc motor.......if you want to make a rc hovercraft you can make flaps like those used for setting the direction of air in car ac's and connect them to a moter.......
get to meat trays put the small tray over the other use match sticks between the trays with a space of about 1/2 a centimetre make a hole on the bigger tray then u finished the hvercraft produces more thrust
just put them side by side
dextina8 years ago
you just helped save my butt!
me too
Animador3d6 years ago
Eeemmm no offence..but ... Did you wrote this book?


I mean...you can understand why is easy to asume that at least , you bought it...right?
otherwise very detailed instructable
Dr. No (author)  Animador3d6 years ago
None taken, I will admit that is pretty much identical. If anyone owns a copy of the book, would they be kind enough to check the publishing date? While I didn't publish this until '06, I built the original model in 2004. In case anyone didn't know, klutz has an unfortunate history of "borrowing" ideas from independent makers.

I know my engineering class made almost identical ones. I'm sure it's a common design.
Amazon says the publication date is 2003. 
teabaron4 years ago
would a usb hard drive motor work for this?
mabster5 years ago
Wasn't this by klutz? it seems like you just took it out of their battery science book
i'm going to do this with a hair dryer fan

zero.x.red7 years ago
hey, my fans starts to spin really slow after 10 sec... any idea to why?
Your propeller could be too big or too heavy.
I think that your fan spin because you (removed by community request) put the motor a little angled, thus producing angular thrust. You cold either try moving the motor more towards the middle of the craft, or un-angling the motor.
Dr. No (author)  zero.x.red7 years ago
Maybe your battery is low?
Wouldn't it be easier to just add a small switch instead of moving the wires every time?
I'm thinking of making something bigger with a gas engine. I have an old car I don't use and it has a small 4 cylinder engine in it. Think this design would work in a larger scale? Also, what is a Kudos bar?
I would love to see a bigger scale hover craft. It might just work, with the right things. I'm not very well at that stuff so dont take my advice. Are you planning on riding in it, if you attempted?
Of course I would ride it. I wonder what the police would say if I took it out on the road, depending on if it can do the speed limit of 40mph.
Sorry to rain on your parade, but I just want to point out that hovercrafts on a large scale are rather difficult for a DIY project, I've done quite a bit of research on them, and probably the biggest problem is finding a motor+fan system that can push enough air out to counter the weight of person and motor, also the propulsion motor as well. It's totally possible, I've seen some good ones, but hitting 40 isn't that feasible.
What if I was to use a V-twin, 16hp engine for the lift engine and have one of my mechanic friends make 2 fans to move air and then just use my 4 cylinder as the propulsion engine? I can get a big piece of wood that I can attach the tarp/ballon thing to and have an aluminum support frame made up along with supports for bothe engine and the gas tank. I was thinking a single 20-30 gallon tank towards the front along with a chair or two to counter the weight of the engine in the back. Think that might work? I don't care if I'm wasting my time, I have nothing better to do.
I'm actually in the process building one now. The 16hp engine should definitely be enough for the hovering part, I've seen people use .5 horsepower electric leaf blowers and they were strong enough to lift two people. Just wondering, how do you plan on using the 16 hp engine to blow air in? Are you going to do it like this instructable, are you going to point the fan straight down or are you going to use a centrifugal fan? Also, where do you plan on putting the hover engine? In the middle or on one side?
I was thinking of having a horizontal shaft engine with a pully that would drive two different fans via a belt drive off of the engine. I'm not too sure of the locoation yet, but I'm think towards the back in front of the other one but before the chairs which would be somewhere in the middle.
a kudos bar is basically a chewy bar
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