Picture of Fifth Element stones with LED
This instuctable will detail how to make one of the stones from The Fifth Element. For each stone you will need: around 6 inches of wire, two springs, one AAA battery, a maker-bot, and an LED the color of the element you are creating.

Step 1: Body

Picture of Body
First, draw an equilateral triangle with each side 40mm long. Next, boss extrude the triangle to 100mm. Now extrude cut a smaller equilateral triangle (sides 29.6mm) 25mm into the top of the triangular prism. close the cavity with an identical triangle placed over the top of the hole 3mm thick. Your stone should now look like this in cross-section veiw:
samc123452 years ago
Same here, they look good in theory (i.e. the model) and the idea of having these stones for mood lighting is great. Hope you get them done and share ;).
This sounds sweet! I'd love to see it if you ever get it made!
drogge2 years ago
Cool, Any chance of uploading the STL files?
randofo2 years ago
That's a great movie. I like what you have done here.