If you are lucky enough to have access to a fig tree (or to a supermarket with fresh figs) then you absolutely MUST make this pie. Every summer I impatiently wait for the figs to ripen, and when they finally do I never tire of making this. It is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Step 1: Figs

There are many varieties of figs. The ones I used here are green and so tender there is no need to peel them... They are best when they are soft, squishy and bursting right out of their skin. I'll eat them right off the tree, but I'm careful to avoid the white latex which drips  off the stem when picked. That stuff not only taste bitter, it is also very sticky, hard to wash off, and makes my skin itch.

To make this pie you will need at least a pint, but I like to stuff as many figs as can fit in the crust.
looks delicouis, like pizza very much
With an ancient, prolific tree in the back yard I am always on the lookout for fresh fig recipes, and while our tree is currently shedding its leaves, come next summer I will definitely be giving this a try -- thanks!
And the pie looks delish, too!
Mmm, nothing like fresh figs right off the tree!
I have never had a fig before, but I would love to try this! I agree, the pictures are gorgeous!
The assembly pictures are gorgeous. :D And it sounds delicious.

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