Introduction: Fighting Cyber Crime and Cyber Bullies

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I doubt there is one person on the net that hasn’t been hassled by at least one Troll, Cyber Bully, or Cyber Criminal.

Police and Website administrators can’t track or stop all Trolls, Cyber Bullies, and Cyber Criminals, so it is up to us to protect ourselves and that is what this Instructable is about. It is not easy to spot a cyber-bullies and criminals, they do the same things people who are just trying to protect themselves do, like not filling out profiles, using pseudonyms (Fake Names), and avatars, however you are not defenseless.

First; you can report cyber bullies and trolls to administrators and block them so they cannot harass you, their comments get deleted and they get warned and this works most of the time. Repeat offenders can get their accounts deleted by admin and that works for them.

Then there are the persistent Trolls that keep coming back, you block them, you report them, admin deletes their account, only to find out they just open a new account under a new pseudonym (Fake Name) and start all over again.

You can do the same thing open a new account under a new pseudonym and a new profile and picture and with luck you will be rid of them. But for some people like me this is not always an option, I am a published author and
need to promote my books, so, on some webpages I just can’t use a pseudonym. My only option on these sites is to defend myself.

Step 1: Hackers

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My Facebook account has been hacked, my Gmail account has been hacked, and some of my websites have been hacked.

Use good passwords, a combination of numbers and letters works best do not use names of family, friends, pets, or counting numbers like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

The cyber-criminal that hacked my Gmail account got into my account by me logging into my Gmail from a hotel server while I was on a trip. The hotel server was not a secure server and he was able to steal my password, change it, and Email all my friends saying I was robbed in London and asked them to send me 750 euros. Luckily my friends and family did not fall for the Email and called the police. I contacted Gmail they helped me get control of my account and I changed the password. It took me several days to get control of my Gmail account and when I did I track him down to South Africa by his IP. adderss. Since I live in Canada there was little there could be done.

What did I learned from this, NEVER USE AN UNSECURED SERVER.

Step 2: Trolls and Cyber Bullies

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The picture of the machete was sent to me by a person with the comment, “What would you be if I came to your house and chopped you up into little pieces with this?”

People that make threats, or say mean things, are Trolls and Cyber Bullies. I have seen people hiding behind a pseudonym on Fan Fiction sites using the excuse, “It is constructive criticism and if they can’t take it, maybe they should leave.” This is not constructive criticism it is just plain Cyber Bulling.

This works well on Trolls,





Amanda Todd was a beautiful young girl that was harassed by a cyber-stalker to the point she took her own life. She tried most of the above and more even going as far as moving and changing schools in an attempt to stop the cyber-bulling.

The Dutch man accused of sexually extorting Amanda Todd online used as many as 90 screen names to target more than 75 victims around the world.

Amanda Todd was tormented online for nearly two years after she flashed a crowd by webcam on a live streaming chat site. An online stalker did a screen capture of that and circulated the image to her family, friends and classmates.

Amanda Todd eventually committed suicide in her mother's Port Coquitlam, B.C., home on Oct. 10, 2012. Her plea against cyberbullying, filmed a month before her death, went viral.

Two years after her death in January 2014, police in the Netherlands working with information provided by Facebook, charged 36-year-old Dutch national Aydin Coban with luring a child under 18 via the computer, extortion and harassment, as well as importing, distributing and possessing child pornography.

Reference and YouTube

Step 4: Defending Yourself by Taking Action

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Defending yourself is not always easy, this is the World Wide Web and your tormentor can be from anywhere on planet Earth. Amanda Todd lived in Canada like me, her cyber-stalker was a Dutchman from the Netherland’s and the hacker that hacked my Gmail account was from South Africa.

I have a simple method for dealing with Trolls and Cyber criminals.

You are not as anonymous as you may think. People think using a pseudonym prevents the people they attack on the net from finding them; however they do not realize they leave behind there IP. address when they do.

Federal and state laws have been changed to make Cyber Bullies and Cyber Terrorists accountable to the point that employers and colleges can be held responsible for the conduct of their students and employees. So employers and colleges take a dim view of people using their computers and other equipment for cyber-crimes. They take an even a dimmer view of being linked to cyber-crime justifiably

I don’t get mad; I publish their personal information from their IP. address right next to their comments and report it to the RCMP or the FBI then I let the Cyber Crimes Unit deal with it.

Ignore them, that doesn’t work; they harass you through loved ones.

Try to make friends with them, that doesn’t work; they are not interested in being friends.

That reminds me of the stupid things parents say to their kids when they are being bullied at school.

I fight back and some people don’t like that, but what else can I do with a persistent troll or cyber-criminal, they keep coming back. The only option you have is to track them down and report them, and this is how.

In Canada you can report cybercrime to the RCMP here:

In the US you can report cybercrime to the FBI here:

then click on contact us.

You can look up your own IP. address or download IP. address trackers from websites like these.

If a person thinks they can use a pseudonym or a fake Email to hide when they commit cyber-crimes, think again, Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail, even Instructables, they can be found.

Step 5: Rules to Work With.

Picture of Rules to Work With.



USE GOOD PASSWORDS, a combination of numbers and letters works best.


BLOCK CYBER-BULLIES AND TROLLS, so it is harder for them to harass you.







Keep the use of electronic devices where you can watch your children's on line use. Talk to your children about the dangers on the net. My son wanted to know how he could tell if the person he was texting to was real. I told him to use the web cam and have them hold up a card with the words you type written on them, if it takes forever for them to write the words and show you the card, they may not be real and posting a Photoshop.


dr.mbogo (author)2015-06-08

Mostly good advice. I would like to point out that posting the "real names" and other assorted information about the troll is called doxxing. As you can imagine, it can create some real life hazards for the doxxed person. You showed the picture of the machete you found in your email, the doxxed person might very well find a real machete at his/her door in the hands of some masked avenger.

Another thing about identifying the troll is that finding an IP address does not mean the address points to the correct person. A simple proxy should fake the IP adress, most residential internet connections also have a dynamic IP which means that the IP changes (almost) every time the computer connects to the net.

To be on the right side of the law, I would personally just report the incident to the police and let the law enforcement do the identification. The police and court system also have ways of hammering the troll/bully a lot harder than you could ever do with doxxing.

By the way did you notice Instructables in under a cyber attack right now from Korea, it started about one hour before I published my Instructable. Unfortunately Instructables is not the only sight. they are attacking at least 100 sights that I have checked in the last 40 minutes.

How did you find that out?

At the time we were getting automated spam postings gambling and porn.

Watch out for Emails from Amazon saying your order has been canceled, it is an Email trap.

eddo617 (author)dr.mbogo2015-06-09

very well said sir

Don't be a Troll or a cyber-stalker, because it is legal to post your name to things you do.


GoWolves11 (author)2017-06-10

None of these IP tracking sites are secure, according to Yahoo.

Tigger32810 (author)2015-11-10

Good advice.

I am not totally sure what constitutes cyber bullying. Can you define the beginnings of bullying? Would you consider someone a cyber bully if they keep leaving nasty (without using bad or nasty words) remarks after you have commented on something like we do here? Also, I have had not only a credit card number stolen but my debit card number as well shortly thereafter. I only use secure sites and only from our home. I don't know how they were stolen but when I have contacted the very few places they were used.....the credit card only used one place......I was vehemently told that it did not come from there. What would you do?

jult (author)2015-10-01

Use "uBlock Origin" plugin/addon/extension for your browser, and be sure to check your password strength here:

Josehf Murchison (author)jult2015-10-01

uBlock Origin does it work with Facebook or sights like Writers Network in that it will block a person using a pseudonym or multiple pseudonyms?

I never trust on line sights with my password I made that mistake once.

jetamkadlec (author)2015-06-10

don't use password 12345

troop13 (author)jetamkadlec2015-08-26

i agree, my first wifi password was mitten1013, i had people all around me hack into my network, since then I have made a 78 digit password for all my stuff. the longer and mixed up the password is the better like, mItt04!n9+]dm/w?@-hHWN is a password to my friends wifi

Laral (author)2015-07-23

I especially like the idea of finding out their true names and identity and facebook page and posting it in reply to their attacks. I will definitely use that.

Josehf Murchison (author)Laral2015-07-26

Bullies need to be held accountable I just read s story of a man that was swatted via the internet, (When a person sick's the police on a person hoping he will make a mistake and the cops kill him.)

Fight back tell their family friends and employers how they conduct themselves on the net.

cocoboty (author)2015-06-17

"cocoboty" is the name I use for all online things. People always thing that I am racist, but I only use it because my friend's sister gave me that name on a video game and, well it stuck

datsun720br (author)2015-06-09

bammmmm. ???????????but seriously the op has left such a big digital thumbprint on line how could he not be attacked. FYI. ... op....if you are online you are seen buy all and safe from no one.

AbDuCt (author)datsun720br2015-06-10

Most people don't understand what some people out there can achieve over the internet, how easy it is to evade detection/capture, and how it can leave damage to themselves and their families. Not to mention the people and families that are also included in the falsified tracking of people via online profiles. Like common think about the grey cats with the white faces and the heating ducts on the ceiling by the bookshelves. Sometimes they get involved as well even though they have nothing to do with the entire dispute, aline.

datsun720br (author)AbDuCt2015-06-10

his bio is full of his family info and names.... just makes the search and destroy that much faster. I feel bad for his sons....

datsun720br (author)2015-06-10

asking people to cause you mental anguish and pain and suffering is why you have become a target to random trolls.... bwahahahahaha

datsun720br (author)datsun720br2015-06-10

nice mug shot....

datsun720br (author)2015-06-10

also on a side note... for someone protecting your own self... and asking people to hack and destroy you... you also post on this site in your bio. how you met your wive Mary Ann. and have two boys ... who uou also post full names of. and give story's of family and friends.... if people want to hurt you they will go threw them first.....

AbDuCt (author)2015-06-09

Is that the only subject you are concentrating on now? I just said most of your instructables is invalid and most likely to harm people if they follow your advice against real cyber criminals. I know you were trying to help people, but it's people like you with little working knowledge of the subject that endanger people and data.

AbDuCt (author)2015-06-09

Nothing I have said is bad advice.

I am not from europe so you guessed wrong so try again.

You spelled "site" "Sight" and "steal" "steel" numerous times within this instructable. As an author I am sure you are aware of the difference.

Password managers should be backed up as well as all password managers have encrypted databases. Also you won't lose your accounts since you can always reset the passwords to them via other security measures.

How do firewalls and flash drives relate to eachother. Besides you indictating malware with a reverse connection based payload. Also if you know anything about firewalls you would know that outgoing rules can be made as well as outgoing, although you are probably a Windows user.

As for the police, do you really thing they have time for someone calling you out on your information. Sure death threats are one thing, but I don't think they would drop everything just to investigate you getting your feelings hurt.

As I said before, let me know if you want to learn about computers, and networking.

johng652 (author)2015-06-09

I love this! Your attitude to these people is great. I will use the tracking IP sites next time. Yes I believe I will be hacked again. I have always used safe servers and strong passwords, but more and more hackers, trolls and bullies are using more sophisticated software to do their dirty deeds. Now I have some tools to report them and maybe stop them.

Here is a trick you might like.

Never use your credit card on line, use a prepaid or a gift card.

If someone wants to steel from you bad enough, you can't stop them. But you can limit how much they steel by using a prepaid credit card.

Don't trust websites that won't take prepaid or gift cards.

nerfrocketeer (author)2015-06-09

Fantastic Instructable, and one I can definitely find useful. One question though: how do you know that a website is under cyberattack WHILE it's happening?

Cyber attacks there are little precursor hints that in hindsight stick out, like have you noticed some of the members at Instructables have not been getting their automated Email notifications for about a week. And when you reset your notifications you still don't get them. Little glitches like comments deleted 3 months ago and they are back up. But the best one about 1,000,000 posts an hour from 1000 screen names created just before the posts all advertising Korean casinos and sports betting in Answers. The interesting part is if you Google the subject line of the post you can find the other sights being attacked and convert the Korean to English and find out what it says.

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