Fighting Dog and Cat Built With Makeblock




Introduction: Fighting Dog and Cat Built With Makeblock

This project is the cutest one of the 18th Maker Marathon.

Dog&Cat can be controlled by.APP.They can move up and down, turn right and left. If their bottoms are touched by the other one, it will lay down for 3 seconds, and they will show a crying face simultaneously. Otherwise they will be always smiling.

Most parts are from:

Step 1: Physical Construction

Prepare components based on SolidWorks-Model

Step 2:

Assembling fixed mount of the steering engine, which we can call it as backbone of the Dog. Meanwhile, assembling its two forelegs

Step 3:

Add the hind legs

Step 4:

Add head and face.

We can use pillars as the neck, a LED board as the dog’s head&face. Once its ass being touched, it will kill down and show a cry emoji in its face.

Step 5:

We choose the N20 Screw motor and rubber mat instead of wheel. Since the Screw motors are dismantled from broken machine hand, lacking of connection strap, we used 3D-printer to made two sleeves, thus the motors can be affixed.

Step 6:

Now it comes to the ass part! In this part, the function component is limit switch. But besides the function, we want to make the ass sexier! Then born the 3D-print big bubble butt!

Step 7:

Assembling Bluetooth receiver and Adapter. Fixed the motherboard.

Step 8:

On this step, the Velcro will help us to attach the battery to the dog’s belly. And when finished the connection of power line and of the Adapter, all things are finished.

Step 9: Programming & Software Debugging

After programmed the Dog & Cat, they can move and fight as you want. Will be very interesting!

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