Figs With Goat’s Cheese and Jamón


Introduction: Figs With Goat’s Cheese and Jamón

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Figs are one of our favourite fruits and we can never get enough of
them! If you are like us or just like to try new flavours, why not try this delicious appetizer! A blend of 3 distinct flavours in a single bite!

Enjoy easy recipes!

Step 1: Ingredients:


Goat’s cheese


Fresh parsley

Step 2: Method:

Wash the figs first. Dry them using paper kitchen napkin.

Cut off the hard stems.

With a knife cut the figs into quarters leaving about 1/3 at the bottom uncut.

Place a small piece of cheese as well as a piece of Jamón inside the fig.

Garnish with fresh parsley leaves.

Transfer onto a serving plate & enjoy!

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    This recipe looks so tasty~ I am sharing it with my sister who has a fig tree and wanted some recipes. Thanks for sharing~


    1 reply

    Thank You. Its really simple and quick to make it.