Figure Out Which Side the Gas Cap Is on Without Getting Out of the Rental Car





Introduction: Figure Out Which Side the Gas Cap Is on Without Getting Out of the Rental Car

This seems to happen to me every time: I'm rushing back to the airport trying to make a flight, and I still need to fill up the rental car with gas. Which side is the gas cap on? The precious seconds expended in stopping the car to get out and look (because I've already craned my neck out the window and couldn't see) will mean that I miss the flight.

Yes, I should have made a mental note when I picked the car up which side the gas cap was on. I'm pretty squarely type-A personality, but noting such a thing is too obsessive even for me. So, instead I look for a little arrow on the instrument panel next to the gas level.

For everyone that knew this beforehand and doesn't think it warrants an Instructable: I can already feel your smugness, so there's no need to comment. Let me and the one other person on the planet who didn't already know this enjoy our new found knowledge.



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    And then there were those wonderful cars that HID the gas cap behind a tail light

    All this and no mention of the 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix? The gas fill pipe was behind the license plate. There were, if I recall correctly, several GM cars of that era with this setup. Because it was in the center, it didn't matter which side of the pump you used, the hose would only just barely reach.

    There was a trick to using it, as I remember. After you got the pump turned on walk to the rear of the car with the nozzle in your left hand. With your right pull the license plate down - it was hinged on the bottom and had a very strong spring. While holding the plate down with your right hand, move the nozzle in your left hand into position to hold the plate down and watch the gas left on the hose run out onto the plate. While holding the plate down with the nozzle, unscrew the cap with your right hand and lay it on the plate. Now move the nozzle into position and watch carefully as the plate springs back upright. This action serves three purposes; first it sprays you with the gas that drained on the plate earlier, giving you that wonderful aroma of gasoline (what girl can resist that?). Second, it will propel the cap underneath the truck with the oil leak next to you, so now you have the adventure of crawing under there to retrieve it. Thirdly - and this isn't the end of the fun - when you try to catch the plate to prevent all this, it will slam on your fingers, which will prove to all in earshot that your vocabulary is quite varied.

    Once you have mastered all this and the cap has been retrieved, the nozzle is in the fill pipe, and you start pumping gas, you will discover that, because the fill pipe is almost horizontal and gas will only run down it very slowly, you can't even lock the nozzle on its slowest setting! You have to crouch there for about an hour while your tank fills up (remember, the license plate is only about a foot off the ground so you can't do this standing up). Now that the tank is almost full (if you fill it all the way, it might kick back in your face) you get to do the juggling act again to get the cap back on.

    There you are, ready to go, a full tank of gas, oil on your hadds an knees, grease in your hair (from crawling under the truck to get your cap back), smelling of gasoline, with sore fingers and a nasty taste in your mouth (from sucking on your gas soaked, smashed fingers).

    Yes, indeed, I sure do miss the good old days. Hey, it was fun to watch the full service guy do all the above, after he had to ask where's the fill pipe?

    I know this is one year old, but all the same this is absolutely priceless! I just got rid of a Chevy Caprice that had a center-fill under the license plate gas fill location, and living in NJ (which has attendants at the gas pumps), I use to laugh all the time as the individual would be walking all around the car looking for the fuel door. Now that I have my Ford Explorer with the passenger side fuel filler door, I rather miss those days! So.....this really gave me a good chuckle! Thanks for the memories!

    This one is only obvious after you see it. I've had too many rental cars and there are no standards. Why don't the rental companies have standard markings for lights, wipers, washer, etc. or at least a quick cheat sheet for the car you're driving.

    been working on cars for years and never had any idea about this

    That'll save me a few seconds, but how to unscrew the damn cap of the reservoir? I have spent tens of minutes unable to get it off.

    Vice grips? Jackhammer?

    how would a jack hammer work if you have to put it back on?