Filament free xyz jr printer

Step 1:

Tag run to zero. Unable to print
After slicing you will be able to see gcode.

Step 2:

Edit hghlighted lines to "=0"

Step 3:

After you edit gcode you will be able to print.
Link to download xyzware advance http://www.soliforum.com/topic/12741/xyzware-advanced-mode/

Happy printing on non xyz filament....
<p>I figured it out!!!!!!!! Also You must edit line ;extruder = 0 </p><p>And the job is done....</p><p>Happy printing ....</p>
<p>I came to fast to a conclusion. I got spool error after it transfer the model and start printing. The point is I started a print which required 4 m of filament and I had only 1.5 m left. After I applied the trick above it stated print and finished it even after the spool run out while printing. So I assumed the fix would work.. something worked that let the printer carry on writing on the tag even after it run out of filament to &quot;0&quot;. I think there must be a way.. perhaps guys you ca help?</p>
<p>hi there,</p><p> i followed all steps but unfortunately i cant load the fillament. i can i do this? </p>
<p>Cool! Thanks for sharing! </p>

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