File Bow





Introduction: File Bow

This is a bow You can make out of the metal strips in hanging files.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need.

You will need a few simple things:
3'-4' of Nylon string,
1-2 files to got the bow staff from,
(Optional) Lighter to burn off fuzz and finish it.

Step 2: Bow Staff

Take the piece of metal and bend it a little bit.

Step 3: Stringing the Bow.

Tie the string th one end in the notch then wrap 10-12 times and tie again.
repeat with other side.

Step 4: (Optional) Burning the Fuzz.

Take the lighter and burn off any fuzz from the ends where you tied it (be careful not to melt the actual string!).

Step 5: Arrows.

When you are finished you can use wooden skewers for arrows.
If you can think of anything else you can use for arrows, or any improvements please comment.



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    how far does it shoot?

    Man im dying to get nylon string where do you get it???? Cheers :D

    that is pretty cool but where do you get the metal

    There's a link in step one.

    instead of string cut a thin rubberband in half and tie it to the end and another sollution for ammo is chop sticks

    fk rubber bands at least he has an original* bow idea

    *not using rubber bands

    In my experience rubber bands just break. I wanted to use something stronger. I would've used elastic cord if I had some.

     if you have a drill you can drill a hole in about the middle of the file and shoot the metal skewer through that to make it more accurate