Picture of File Bow
This is a bow You can make out of the metal strips in hanging files.

Step 1: Stuff you will need.

Picture of Stuff you will need.
You will need a few simple things:
3'-4' of Nylon string,
1-2 files to got the bow staff from,
(Optional) Lighter to burn off fuzz and finish it.
lizard6573 years ago
how far does it shoot?
William!4 years ago
Man im dying to get nylon string where do you get it???? Cheers :D
that is pretty cool but where do you get the metal
TyMan210 (author)  recon man sol4 years ago
There's a link in step one.
i cant find it
sora55515 years ago
instead of string cut a thin rubberband in half and tie it to the end and another sollution for ammo is chop sticks
fk rubber bands at least he has an original* bow idea

*not using rubber bands
TyMan210 (author)  greymatter215 years ago
In my experience rubber bands just break. I wanted to use something stronger. I would've used elastic cord if I had some.
DBMods5 years ago
 if you have a drill you can drill a hole in about the middle of the file and shoot the metal skewer through that to make it more accurate 
Kendallkip5 years ago
lol that solder burn
sharlston6 years ago
where do i obtain these files? :)
almost all office supply stores should have them. Staples. Office Max. Office Depot. Maybe even Target.
bjornacorn6 years ago
Exactly where in the file is it? :
TyMan210 (author)  bjornacorn6 years ago
It is only in hanging files like these:
Capt. Kidd6 years ago
umm dude you said you can wooden skewers as arrows, it should be you can use wooden skewers. just telling you your mistake.
TyMan210 (author)  Capt. Kidd6 years ago
Ok, thanks for pointing it out. It is fixed.
roo5256 years ago
So... does it fire well? It looks as if the metal pieces are flimsey, or could bend easily. If you glued two together, you could probobly get around this problem.
TyMan210 (author)  roo5256 years ago
It fires about ten feet at the most. But i changed mine...
lazymoocher6 years ago
This doesn't look very safe!
TyMan210 (author)  lazymoocher6 years ago
Most things I do are unsafe. Safe is illogical.
me 2 most unsafe and not very bright like bare handing pike inlake mish and rattle snakes in az so if you see a kid doing somthing not very bright thats most likely me
True... P.S.: I think you'll like my slideshows an I'bles...They're all about weapons!