Step 3: Apply the Contact Paper, But Do So Slowly

Peel away part of the backing and start at the top of the drawer. Simultaneously, press the plastic card against the cabinet and push downward inch by inch starting from the center to smooth out the bubbles before you unroll more paper. (FYI: In my experience, it is impossible to get rid of all bubbles. Don't worry, though, because people will only be able to see them if they're closely inspecting your work.)

Note: The point of this photo is to show you how to hold the plastic card as you are smoothing away the bubbles. 
<p>How long was the roll you bought? Did 1 roll do the whole cabinet?</p>
<p>I'm going to cover some IKEA shoe holders in a rattan-look contact paper. They're a dark wood and I need them lighter to blend in with a new decor scheme.</p>
looks great! are these type of paper hard to find?
ooh weird,,,,<br> woody cabinet, <strong>youve done a good tidy diligent job, </strong><br> trying to make my mind up if i love it or hate it ,metal pretending to be wood thats actually plastic.<br> <em>(i like the curved army green file cabinets personally</em>) <em>but my cabinets are going rusty, some are painted ones got chrome fablon off cuts on it</em>.<br> your cabinet is defiantly a visual/conceptual curve ball even though its all straight edges!<strong><br> excellent work !</strong><br> am i the only one getting the marmite effect?<br> <strong>thanks for sharing</strong>
Thank you very much! :) Best of luck!
very nice , i will try this, it looks very professional!

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