In Filet Crochet chains and double crochets are used to create a grid, and double crochets are used to fill the grid spaces to create the pattern.  I was first introduced to it by my mother who created a name doily for me for Christmas.  My children each wanted one, but my mom had made so many that she said she wouldn’t do any more.  So I learned how to make the name doilies using Filet Crochet.  So far I have made over 50 of these doilies and given them as gifts.  The one I made in this Instructable was for the bridal shower of my nephew’s fiancé. (They are now married)  Everyone who sees one expresses disbelief that I had made it. They don’t know me very well, do they?  So I know that I can make one of these and get a positive response. (FYI- it will take +/- 1 hour to make a letter, and an hour to make each end, so 7 hours for this doily.)  Here we go on how to make a Filet Crochet Name Doily.

Step 1:

Graph paper
#10 crochet thread (white or ecru work best but you can use any color)
Size #7 crochet hook
Alphabet pattern (there are loads of alphabet patterns free on the internet)

Ch(s) – Chain(s)
dc - Double Crochet (US term, outside the US it is called tc, triple crochet)
I am so excited to find this pattern. I have been wanting to make an updated version of a family one I have seen. Thank you for a pattern that is easy to understand. I can't wait to get started! You're a doll.
I am making this now. Haven't crocheted with fine thread in 30+ years. So far this pattern is easy to follow. Can't wait to finish. Thank you
<p>Welcome, thanks for commenting.</p>
<p>is the 66 chain for the one you did for the name stone? if the name is longer do you chain more and in what increments 3 or 5?</p>
<p>The 66 chains goes from top to bottom, then bottom to top as you turn you project. So when you read the pattern you start in the upper left hand corner follow it down to the bottom the first row of the first letter and then turn, and start the next row from the bottom of the same letter. Repeat until the first letter is done. Add 2 rows of holes for spacing and start the second letter, making sure the top of the second letter is on the same side as the top of the first letter. To make a longer name, write out your pattern and start with the first letter, and work your way though until you are done with the name, done letter at a time. I always add 5 empty squares on top of each row and 5 more empty square at the bottom of each row. Look closely at the finished product and you will see what I mean. Decorations are added after the name is complete. There are other ways to do it, this one is the easiest and even fastest one out there. Good luck. Thanks for asking.</p>
<p>what letter is size #7 crochet hook ? </p>
<p>A size 7 metal crochet hook is 1.5mm. It has no letter. It is pretty small, the smallest being a 00 or 0.5mm. Hope this helps.</p>
<p>I chose not to do the premium, and it will not let me download. now you have my info I'd like what you promised ....</p>
<p>Also, FYI: I personally have no info about you other than your screen name.</p>
<p>What did I promise? I have searched this whole web sight for something were you asked and I promised, and I can't find it, also please back it up with documentation, so that this old women will completely understand. Wait for your reply.</p>
<p>i got everything until I started to make my c it doesn't look right. what can I do</p>
<p>figured it out just had to practice and count. thank you</p>
Can you post a picture here so that I can see what is happening. I will watch for your picture. Filet crochet is like counted cross stitch, You need to keep track of where you are in your pattern and keep your counting in place. You may need to pull out a couple of rows to the place where your problem started and correct your mistake. Also practice helps a lot. I have made over 100 of these and I still make mistakes and have to go back to where the mistake is and correct it. Hope this helps/
Hello. I am very new to crochet. If i have a 11 square letter top to bottom how many chains do i need to start out with?
<p>It can be hard to track down the books on this, for those interested, you can email the lady that runs this shop and set up an order: http://www.countryyarns.com/</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Hi I was wondering where I can find the free Alphabet patterns online? or what one do u recommend ? thank you</p>
All you have to do is google; &quot;filet crochet alphabet patterns&quot;. Look at the ones offered and decide if you like them. Some are free and some ask a fee. I done several different ones based on the ones available in the books I bought. You know what you like and I know you will be able to find one that will fit your needs. Thanks for asking.
Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you!
That is just beautiful! I'd love to try this :)
This is really neat! I can't crochet, but love all the projects that come from knowing how, one of these days I just may need to learn!

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