Fill a Minecraft Pig With Minecraft





Introduction: Fill a Minecraft Pig With Minecraft

—or anything else you want to put onto a flash drive. The drive hides in leg of this paper-and-styrofoam Minecraft pig.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

The key to this project is the papercraft pig by chhalo found here (and also included as .pdfs below). You'll also need:
  • cardstock to print the papercraft pig onto
  • scissors
  • paper adhesive (we used both a glue stick and a hot glue gun)
  • solid styrofoam packing (not peanuts)
  • a serrated blade for cutting the styrofoam
  • a sharp point, such as a nail or a toothpick
  • a pencil
  • an Xacto knife or other sharp blade
  • a tiny flash drive

Step 2: Cut the Pig and Styrofoam

Cut out the pattern, being sure to keep the tabs. Crease all sides and tabs.

Use the pattern to measure and cut blocks of styrofoam, which will be glued inside the cardstock. The sawing motion of the serrated blade makes it easier to get a relatively straight cut.

Step 3: Glue Cardstock Around the Styrofoam

With the styrofoam cut to size, glue the creased cardstock pieces around it.

Step 4: The Head

The head is slightly irregular. It's easiest to make a cube first, then notch out the part that will not be covered by cardstock.

Step 5: Fitting the Flash Drive

With a nail or other sharp implement, hollow out one of the legs in the shape of the flash drive. Trace a slot for the drive on the back side of the cardstock, and cut it out carefully with your Xacto blade.

After fitting the drive snugly into the styrofoam, glue the leg around the foam as usual, being careful to fit around the drive.

Step 6: Fitting the Pig Together

Using the end of the flash drive, trace and cut a slot in the body with the Xacto. The leg should now fit snugly into the body.

Attach the other legs and head using the hot glue gun.

Step 7: Use Your Pig

Remember to load the drive with your Minecraft game or whatever else you want to keep on it. It will stay hidden within your pig.



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    When I saw the glue stick in the second picture, I thought it was Chapstick!

    Really cool! I'm gonna do this with meh minecraft guy!

    This is awesome it's a really cool idea

    This was an awesome way to save and load mods and a very secret way too.

    Great, I like Minecraft and I download mods at

    cool, ima buy minecraft 2day caz my friend told me. it looks cool!

    1 reply

    you should enter this in the USB contest!

    you could use your avatar too.

    the first one was a homemade splinter cell conviction with goggles and knee pads, the other is the default one

    sc minecraft avatar.JPGchar..jpg

    The pdf doesn't work for me

    that's what im doing to well not in the pig i have plans to make a micro sd music box that plays whats on the micro sd and a Furness with a led tea candle light in it and a flash drive player 1 and outer things with card readers in it . good work i like what you did keep it up and have fun

    haha notch the head out :P if u dont get stop playing minecraft til u do

    How do you put minecraft on the flash drive? Or did you mean minecraft save files?

    1 reply

    Yes, sorry--I should have been clearer. These were just the save files.