Filled Mushroom and Bacon on Bbq





Introduction: Filled Mushroom and Bacon on Bbq

filled mushroom and bacon

it take 5 min to prepair and 15 min to bbq

it's yummy and a good entree ore appetizer

Step 1: Ingredients

what you need:

mushrooms big or medium size

herb cheese

onion white or red

breakfast bacon (thin bacon)

a small bowl thas it

Step 2: Make the Filling for the Mushrooms

take 2 big spoons herb cheese end 1 spoon qnions and mix

Step 3: Prepair the Mushroom

take the middel stem out the mushroom wiggel it or whit a knife

when its don fill whit te herb chees onion mix

Step 4: The Bacon

take a slice of breakfast bacon and wrappe it around the mushroom

if it is a big mushroom take 2 slices of bacon make shure the bacon cover the filling

Step 5: On the Bbq

if you are done lay the mushrooms on the bbq on the side not in direckt heat

turn sometimes the mushroom

it take about 10 to 15 min when its done

and the bacon crispy and the chees inside is creamy enjoy



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    Gonna try this one out on the George, lol sounds really good. And I don't even like mushrooms Hahaha.

    the fiste pic is off the finished produckt the bacon is not hard here you can put the mushrooms so long as you wand and taste on the bbqq

    ahhh you like a little oink left in your bacon :) I prefer it crispy myself.

    Gonna try this on my keto diet!