Clean and carry glasses case made from a cleaning cloth and fillet crotchet

Cleaning cloth for glasses
Matching thread
Needle safety pin and scissors
yarn, medium to large ball of fingering, sport or baby weight (Picture shows half the amount of yarn needed-it took two balls that size of leftover Paton silk/bamboo blend.) or two medium balls in different colors but similar weight
Crochet hook in size to match the yarn I'm using a #2 hook.

Step 1: Lining

Thread the needle, make a knot using both ends of the thread.
Fold the cleaning cloth in half along the wider side ( check to be sure your glasses will fit inside - see picture)

Hand sew the long edge and one of the short edges. I prefer to overcast across the pinked edge, but a straight stitch below the pinking is fine, too. (Pinking is the triangular cut edge).

I recommend a few extra stitches in the corner to reinforce it.

Be sure to keep the edges of the cloth together, it tends to creep down on the back side.

If you overcast stitch, use a finger to help guide the tread as you pull it through, or it may fall to the back over the last stitch (see picture).

When done, stitch 3 or 4 times in the same place to lock down the thread.

Double check your glasses will fit inside, the set aside.

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Bio: I like working with my hands and making stuff, and I like being efficient because I'm basically very lazy.
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