Picture of Film Canister LED Flashlight
In this Instructable I will show you how to make a flashlight out of an old, 35mm, film canister and some ultra-bright LEDs!
You don't need to spend 10$ on a flashlight that isn't even that bright. For 4$ or less, depending what you have lying around the home, you can make a really bright LED flash light. Its got for camping or just for back yard fun.
This flashlight is easy to make,looks cool and most importantly, effective!

Step 1: Components

Picture of Components
You aren't going to need many components for this project.

1. 4x Ultra-bright, white LEDs (picture 2)

2. Film canister

3. Push switch

4. 3V coin cell battery

5. some wire (I used telephone wire)
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marcelo21333 months ago
larry.rivard made it!7 months ago
I made a variation of this. I used a 3X AAA Battery holder I had a spare of. since 3 AAAs outputs 4.5 volts I used some 56 ohm resistors on the negative side of the LEDS. So they were set up in parallel rather than In series. Thanks for the great idea, your film canister flashlight was inspiring.
mommywoman1 year ago
Now this is something I could actually make (I'm a woman). I know how to use a lot of power tools, I've made furniture, but I've never souldered, so I think I'll have my husband actually show me how to do it. I've seen other people do it and it looks pretty easy. I already have everything but the battery. Speaking of batteries, how long will a battery last. I'm thinking I could use this in luminaries.
nice portable led light
what do you mean that all negative (shorter) sides are connected, and positive (longer) sides are connected? you mean i trim the LED ends a certain way?
The legs of the LED'S are already cut short and long some brands you have to look close to see the difference !
Marri812 years ago
This is perfect for my cubs' engineering achievement! They will love this. Thanks so much!
npendleton13 years ago
I'm using this for a cub scout project. Could a salvage an old string of LED Christmas lights?
Krz4 years ago
wow, this is great! Very clever use of the film canister.
I'll change the bright LEDs for red light ones, and it will be a charm for using in the photography dark room. (or maybe just use bright white ones with a film over them)
acosicris5 years ago
good job! I like the simplicity!
comodore (author)  acosicris5 years ago
Thank you!
I would so make this! but my dad won't let me use his soldering iron. =(
comodore (author)  StarkIndustries5 years ago
Well, maybe you can make it with your father...
He can solder all the connections...  :)
NicOmbra5 years ago
 This might make me sound like I don't know where anything is (correctly), but where can you buy a push switch?
comodore (author)  NicOmbra5 years ago
IN your local electronic shop like RadioShack...or some other shop that sells electronic components...
komecake5 years ago
  O__O... I love this website. Seriously. I've been on here like 2 days and I've already made so much stuff that I would have spent SO MUCH money on. This is a great one, thanks.
comodore (author)  komecake5 years ago
Great that you love Instructables and my Instructables!  :D
Having my son make this as a cub scout project... Thanks!
comodore (author)  photogirlmim5 years ago
:D Just knowing that some one is also making these makes my day! Thanks! :)
MADAVEEN6 years ago
i made one out of a pill case...thanx for the idea...
comodore (author)  MADAVEEN6 years ago
Cool! Can you please upload some pics of it! I think everyone would like to see it! :)
Jake Morton6 years ago
can some one tell me what happened to the comments here
akonichi6 years ago
by rating this 5 stars, i bumped up your status from 3.81 to 3.85! .04 difference! great instructable
comodore (author)  chopstx6 years ago
Thanks for the rate and for boosting my moral! :D
comodore (author)  akonichi6 years ago
hehe Thanks! :DD
SPORTSGUY176 years ago
comodore (author)  SPORTSGUY176 years ago
Its a push button... At any electronic store or you can salvage it from basically anything....
hey man- this is just what i was looking for- i wanted something that looked relatively easy so that i could learn from it- however before i begin - 1 question: i have a rocker switch but its not momentary( when i push on/off it stays in that position), does this matter for this project or will it work just as well? ---- oh and btw- the rocker switch i have is also illuminated( so therefore has an extra solder point on back- making 3:ground,load, and power. do i have to run a separate battery to that single prong to light it up or what ? thanks man -- appreciate it - ElementAngel
comodore (author)  ElementAngel296 years ago
It doesn't matter that when you push it it stays on (or off)... I wont make a difference... As for the 3 lead...just leave it like that... You can check what 2 point you need whit a multimeter that show continuity...it make a sound when current is passed from point A (your red needle) to point B (your black needle). You want to find the two ends that when the switch is in the on position you hear a beep from the multimeter and when it is on the oposite side you don't hear a beep... Feel free to ask if you have any more questions! Thanks!
tech-king7 years ago
good ible. i like it BTW: did you ever build that spark generator?
comodore (author)  tech-king7 years ago
Thank you! No, I will build it in summer, I have a really big test coming up and I have to prepare! As I said before,sooner or later I will build it!!!
good luck then
comodore (author)  tech-king7 years ago
Thanks! :)
E-R-IC comodore6 years ago
look way right and scrool up
comodore (author)  E-R-IC6 years ago
E-R-IC comodore6 years ago
no not here. on the previouse comment page. you will not believe how far the replies went
comodore (author)  E-R-IC6 years ago
I have a problem whit that, i can't see all the comments... But, any way it wasn't on the list of Instructables whit the biggest number of comments, we were beat by about 30 comments... :P
well well just have to fix that wont we?
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