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Introduction: Filtered Pet Watering Bowl

We have both dogs and cats in our house. The cats are finicky about their water and the dogs would drink out of any water bowl in the house. After the dogs had finished drinking, the cats didn't want anything to do with the water in the bowl. This self filtering bowl is a solution that keeps all of them with fresh clean water with minimal fuss.

The bonus is that this filtering water bowl is about half the price of some of the commercial filtering water bowls and will hold at least two gallons of water.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need the following:

  • Large water bowl (I prefer a 10 quart stainless steel) - (about $17.00 USD)

  • Small aquarium circulating water filter - (about $13.00 USD)

  • Plastic or wood pieces to shim the water filter - (free or very cheap)

Step 2: Assemble Water Filter

Assemble the aquarium water filter according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3: Hang Filter Assembly on Water Bowl

Place the assembled water filter on the edge of the water bowl.

Step 4: Shim Filter

Use the shims to adjust the filter to be as level as possible.

Step 5: Add Water

Fill the bowl with fresh water. The water level needs to be at least to the bottom of the intake tube for the filter.

Step 6: Prime Filter

Add water to the filter to prime it so that water will flow once you plug it in.

Step 7: Enjoy the Flow

Now just sit back and listen to the soft flow of the water. Your pets will enjoy the fresher water and you will enjoy how easy it is to take care of.

You will need to change the water filter about every three weeks or so. It will depend on how how much your pets either shed or slobber into the bowl. Everytime I change the filter, the bowl and filter pump all get a good scrub down.

If you have curious cats, you may need to use some tape to secure the lid of the water filter. A couple of ice cubes floating in the water bowl can give your cats something to play with as well.



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    This is BRILLIANT! Now I just need to find an instructable about adding a low water level cut off, since I am scatterbrained and have quite a few fountains around the house for my elderly (senile) cat, and sometimes forget to refill one until i hear that dry pump sound. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    I have some used filters, can I still use those?

    Absolutely love this idea, wish I would have done this a long time ago. I used a Penquin 75, stainless steel 10qt, now they have fresh water for outside. Under a covered porch, with a covered GFI outlet. Didn't use the bio wheel and can see the charcoal filters are going to be pricey, with 3 dogs. Anybody make their own?

    Hey there, I used your idea and made one, made a video talking about it as well:

    I realize the filter is overkill, it's just what they had at the shop for the right price... I'm thinking I'll do as deckard1 says and put it on a timer.

    Does anyone have any ideas about how to add a reservoir to a setup like this, maybe a 2 liter bottle?

    Does anyone know how to make our own charcoal filters for the Penquin(using for the water fountain) model 75

    Thank you for posting video!! Cute cats!!!

    What are shims? Where do you get them? How do you use them and what is their function?

    Did it!!! Great idea, our cats love it!!! Regards from Mexico city

    16 09:36 a.m..jpg

    Wish I had seen this before purchasing one at a store. It's a pain to clean & the water bottle warped after my brother suggested putting it in the dishwasher. This would be so much easier to wash.

    I can't wait to build this for my four cats.

    I purchased one of those expensive pet fountains at the pet store almost a month ago and had to return it within two weeks -- it leaked like a sieve and my male cats LOVED splashing the water everywhere. At least with your ingenious plan, I can use far less expensive items and get a better product.

    Oh, and as for the splashing, I'll have to grab one of those plastic trays with a lip that are made for going under washers. Then it'll be perfect. Thanks for sharing your idea!