Simple Water Filtration (Clean Your Own Dirty Water)





Introduction: Simple Water Filtration (Clean Your Own Dirty Water)

In this practical, you will attempt to treat your own dirty water, make qualitative observations of the results at various stages and then suggest improvements. Read the practical, and identify the separation and purification techniques used.

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Step 1: Aim and Materials

Aim: To separate mud from water using filtration, but also purify the water afterwards.

Dried Dirt (from the ground)
x2 See Through Glasses
Water From The Tap
x2 Filter paper

Step 2: Method (Part1)

(1) Mix the dirt and water into one of the clear glasses. Mix until water is brown.

(2) Fold the filter paper in half, and then in half again. You should end up with a cone shape. Place inside the funnel.

(3) Put the other glass onto a flat surface and hold the funnel over it. Fill the cone filter paper(inside the funnel) halfway full of dirty water.

(4) Watch it drip through the filter paper and funnel. Your other glass should be filling up with clean water.

Step 3: Meathod (Part2)

(5) Once that has finished filtering, repeat steps 3 & 4, but using the other piece of filter paper. Wrince out the leftover dirty water and switch it with the glass full of dirty water, so that the glass of filtrated water is in your hand, and the other is underneath the funnel.

(6) Re-pour the filtrated water into the funnel and watch it drip into the clean glass.

(7) When done, add 2 drops of bleach (which contains chlorine) to your filtrated water. Stir for 1 minute.

Step 4: Analysis

When we poured the dirty water into the filter paper, the dirt didn't go through the filter, but the water did. This is because of the tiny holes in the filter paper.

Extra Research:
Research the main arguments for and against the fluoridation of a town's water supply.



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    Spelling Error: Meathod is spelt method

    You're instructable would be a lot better and interesting if it had photos, it's just pretty boring just having to read everything. And you might have made the instructable but not followed it.


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