Final Fantasy Amigurumi





Introduction: Final Fantasy Amigurumi

As one of my first crochet projects, I made these amigurumi that are fashioned after Final Fantasy jobs.  I have made a Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage, and a Hunter/Ranger.  Each of them are about 4 inches tall.

Each is made from Worsted Weight yarn with an E hook.  The weapons are made from a bent paper clip that was then wrapped with yarn.

The Red Mage's hat is made as a separate piece and sewn on to the head.  The hat includes a white feather tucked into a band.  He holds a rapier in one hand with a shield strapped to his other arm.

The White Mage has a separate robe that is worn over her body.  The robe can be removed by untying the string under her chin.  She holds a staff in her hand that is topped with a white fiber optic bead.

The Black Mage's hat is made as a separate piece and sewn on to the head.  He holds a staff in his hand that is topped with a blue fiber optic bead.

The Hunter/Ranger is has a quiver that is made as a separate piece and sewn onto her back.  The quiver is filled with arrows made from party toothpicks.  Her bow is strung with a piece of silver cross stitch floss.



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    I sure hope you have the pattern to this Bweedon, As I have been looking every where to make a VIVI doll could you be so kind and send me the pattern for VIVI and put an end to my search for him my addy is.. My name is

    So cute! Great job for first projects, I'm totally impressed.