Pic of Black Mage and White Mage VS a Rubix Cube. Next im gonna take a picture me and someone else fighting and do the same thing!
Black Mage: You know, your soooo hard to solve, soooo, AUTO RUBIX CUBE SOLVING SPELL!!!!!<br>*Huge blast noise and explosion And smoke*<br>White Mage: *coughing* Don't You know That ,*cough*, At your level, It takes all of, *cough*, your MP to use that, *cough* (DAMMIT SMOKE!) to solve....<br>ONLY 1 SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>B. Mage: Oh....<br>W. Mage: I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!<br>B. Mage: PARTNER SACRIFICE SPELL!!!!!
I dig it!

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