You're a Final Fantasy fan, aren't you? So what are you doing with a boring standard wall clock hanging on there?

Although this isn't an original idea of mine (I've already seen similar clocks on the internet) I've decided to create this tutorial because I haven't seen it yet in this website, is something very easy to create and I'd like to make it even easier to you all! So let's begin.

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable, you will need:

- A wall clock wich can be unmounted. The cheap standard ones works perfectly.
- Scissors
- Cutting knife
- Glue
- Screwdiver
- Ruler
- Computer with some kind of image software (photoshop, gimp, corel draw...)
What an awesome diy build! I especially like the moogle second hand :). KAWAII!
<p>omg, I NEED THIS!! </p>
I've seen these on the internet too, this one turned out great! have you built any other clocks?
Yes, but this one is the first I've decided to take pics of the whole process. Most of the clocks I've modified were given as gifts to family or friends, and they've always loved them. <br> <br>I even replaced the face of an old wristwatch. More difficult to dismount (small pieces) but done the same way!

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