I used *Windows 7 Ultimate, until I sold that computer. I did not sale the harddrive. So the Windows 7 Ultimate is still on the harddrive.  I bought a new computer and was unable to just plug in the harddrive with Windows 7 and begin using.

So I need to find the product key for my Windows 7 Ultimate on the harddrive. 

Material needed:

Computer capable of having a secondary drive connected to it
*Magic Jellybean keyfinder

*I am not affiliated in any way with any product I reference.

Step 1: Necessary Prep

JellyBean will need to find a specific folder and file the harddrive.  The file is "Software" located in   :\Windows\System32\Config  

JellyBean would not locate this file, so I moved the System32 file to the main directory of the drive I am searching.

Follow these Steps:

Select Start
Select My Computer
Select the drive (mine was E)
Select Windows
Select System32
Right Click and Copy or Drag and drop to "E"

Step 2: Run JellyBean

You will first see your "C" information.

Left Column will be the Operating System.
Right Column will be the Operating System information.

Step 3: Select Tools

Select Tools and Load Hive

Step 4: Select the Drive

Select the hard drive. I selected "E".

Click OK

let the Jellybean work its magic.

Step 5: View Results.

Notice the Operating System

Left side "Windows 7 Ultimate"
Right side necessary information.

Print and write down the key information, store in a safe place.
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<p>I found it was not necessary to move System32 if you selected the Windows folder as the Hive.</p>
<p>Worked like a charm. Best solution for this problem I found. Thanks!!</p>
<p>I got this message </p><p>&quot;A required priviledge is not held by the client&quot;</p><p>HELP !!!</p>
<p>It's a privilege issue. Run &quot;MagicJellyBean&quot; keyfinder tool, as <br>Administrator user. You can do by right clicking on 'KeyFinder.exe' and <br>click on 'Run as Administrator'.</p>
<p>It says A required privledge is not held by the client</p>
<p>It's a privilege issue. Run &quot;MagicJellyBean&quot; keyfinder tool, as Administrator user. You can do by right clicking on 'KeyFinder.exe' and click on 'Run as Administrator'.</p>
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<p>It says &quot;A required privledge is not held by the client&quot;</p><p>Please help</p>

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