Picture of Find Your Place in the Solar System
You've taken a photograph of a lovely sunset. But the image is marred by strange spots. Do you ...

A) edit them out.
B) step into the 21st Century.
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Step 1: It actually is rocket science

Picture of It actually is rocket science
Fortunately the Jet Propulsion Laboratory maintains a handy Solar System Simulator online. Setting the parameters to view the entire solar system with a 2 degree view from above gave me this simulation of our current position. Then simulating a view of the Sun from Earth, look what's hanging out beyond the horizon.

Although I never saw Venus and Mars, the camera did. So this is the 1st solar-planetary conjunction I have ever captured.

Step 2: Objects in Space

Picture of Objects in Space
Why live in the past, viewing everything from a stone age, center-of-the-Earth perspective? With these celestial points, we can now orient ourselves to the plane of the solar system for a landscape worthy of the space age.

Doesn't it feel better knowing where you are?
3dcassie2 years ago
"It actually is rocket science" - Great line :)
flavrt (author)  3dcassie2 years ago
We're all rocket scientists now.

Just as the invention of the knife changed our jaws, Kubrick was trying to tell us spacial awareness will change the human form.