Picture of Find home detector

The Find home detector is a device to show me the way home by indicating the direction with a light. It uses a LilyPad, GPS, compass and some LEDs. Using the GPS to get a position and then calculate the direction to the location of my home. The compass is then used to get my heading so it is possible to indicate the direction I should travel.
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Step 1: Parts Needed

LilyPad Arduino
GPS Micro-Mini
Compass Module with Tilt Compensation
7 x LEDs to indicate direction
Conductive thread
Battery holder (4 x AAA)

Optional Hardware
 2 x Magnetic Snap or similar to attach the battery holder for easy removable
 4 x Magnetic Snap or buttons

Soldering iron

Step 2: Software needed

Arduino IDE

Software librarys:
TinyGPS by Mikal Hart
NewSoftSerial by Mikal Hart
Wire for I2C communication with the compass


Step 3: Layout

Picture of Layout

Step 4: Sewing the Circuit

Picture of Sewing the Circuit
Photo 2011-06-09 06 40 38.jpeg
Start with the Lilipad and then the component closest GPS, compas and last the leds

TIP: Use glue to insulate and protect conductive thread knots.

Step 5: Batery holder

Picture of Batery holder
Photo 2011-06-09 06 41 13.jpeg
Attach the Magnetic Snap to the bottom of the battery holder and to the fabric.

Step 6: Make it wearable

Picture of Make it wearable
Photo 2011-06-09 06 40 38.jpeg
Attach the Magnetic Snap or buttons alongside the side of the cloth.

Step 7: Uploade the software

Picture of Uploade the software
Download the sketch from http://github.com/evilmachina/Find-home-detector or use the attached pde file.
Update destinationLat and destinationLon to the location you want to find and upload it to your Lilypad.

Step 8: Find your way home

Picture of Find your way home