Do you ask yourself where the money went at the end of each week? Do you ever come up short on paying for bills and have to use a credit card, payday loan place, or borrow a ten off somebody until you are paid? These are signs that you are living beyond your means. Poor people do it, rich people do it, and five-year-old children do it. Here is how you stop.

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Step 1: Write it down!

Find a notebook that will fit in your purse or backpack. If you're a guy and you just carry a wallet, then tuck a sheet of paper in there each month and carry a pen or pencil, even if it's one of those little golf pencils. From now on, you are going to track every single penny you make and every single penny you spend, when you spend it. If you buy a coffee on your way to work or a candy bar from the vending machine, write it down. When you have a bill or a bank fee deducted from your account, write that down. If you find a nickel in the sofa, write that down too. You want to know exactly what is happening to your money!

Here's a way most people cheat, and you don't want to cheat: If you go to the grocery store and take cash back, do not write that down as groceries. You haven't spent it... just taken it out of your account. You need to track what you do with it once it's spent. Likewise, if you go to a superstore like Walmart for your groceries, don't put your new CD that you picked up in your grocery expenses, just because you paid for it with your groceries. You want to know where the money really goes!
<p>Nicely done! Your photos are great. I've done a similar 'ible:</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Steak-on-a-Hamburger-Income/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Steak-on-a-Hamburger-Income/</a></p>
I just finished reading &quot;Your Money or Your Life&quot; by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, and they have a few things to add to that. You can also go to http://www.financialintegrity.org for their full 9-step program for reaching financial independence. Following those steps is my New-Year's resolution. Just tracking my money was last year's.<br>I've been using Gnucash to track all my income and expenses for 2010, and it works really well. Free, fully customizable, and generates some great charts to illustrate how my money keeps disappearing. :)<br>BTW, Awesome artwork. Probably some of the more productive uses for money I've seen.
Klynslis you are a genius! This is a great article. I wish I had read it long before now. I recently got serious about my money and it is paying off bigtime. It is truly amazing the money that the average household wastes on crap that is completely useless. Thanks for taking the time to write this instructable!<br><br>The most valuable tool I have found thus far: If you use online banking you can easily use software like Quicken, YNAB, or Mint.com to track your expenses and plan your budget. Once you get familiar with the software it is easy to not only track your spending but you can also forecast how much money you will have on any given date. Powerful stuff!
Thats doesnt seem good for the environment by burning paper.<br />
Where do you get all the money used in your photos??? Dang... It would be cool to get shredded money and make stuff out of it!
What about making a candle filled with coins? Would that be safe?
i dont know about safe but it seems like a fun idea.
Hmm... It sounds much safer than the shredded money. I'll have to try that.
I was hoping this would teach us how to make that candle...
I doubt it was ever intended to be lit - as soon as the wax melts enough to expose the paper, each shred will become another wick, and the whole thing will go up <em>rather quickly</em>.<br/>
You say that like it's a bad thing- I suspect it would instead be <em>super awesome</em>.<br/>
You know, with the reactions I'm getting, I may decide to make a video of this candle burning (outside, of course) that I could use as an art piece as well.
Hmm, if you're going arty, why not stand the candle on a large sheet of glass, then you could display the resulting wax-puddle as well. Possibly tastefully back-lit with a cold light-source?
Verrry interesting, Kiteman! I have a mirror that would work well for that. (Front of an old medicine cabinet.) Thanks for the suggestion!
You are quite correct, Kiteman. That's why that piece is called, "Money to Burn."
Don't care at all. Admit it would be awesome to look at it while it burn. :-))
I can't really teach anybody how to make that candle. Somebody would inevitably try to light it and burn their house down...and then it would be my fault for showing them how to make a candle filled with money. I'm glad you like the candle, though. Thanks for commenting!
me too
Another thing to watch is your cable TV bills. Do you really need all those channels? I find I usually only watch the networks, and even then I watch TV too much. Trim the specialty channels and save 20-30 bucks a month!
www.hulu.com Unless you're a TV addict, there's no need for television anymore if you have a computer. It's a luxury to watch shows right when they come out, but unnecessary in many ways.
Shooby, I agree. My hubby is a TV addict, though. He watches hulu and many other internet channels, and he still has a "need" for satellite TV.
Crazy right? Internet + cable TV prices have not fallen in recent years, even though in many areas of the states they've been consolidated by companies such as Comcast. That tells me I'm being screwed, and I refuse to pay any more than I 'need' to. How much do you pay monthly for communications?
Too much, well over $100 for cable+internet+phone.
Same here. It's nuts.
I'm the same! I only pay for my internet connection - No television bill for me.
Great point! I may do another instructable later with more details about where to cut back. This one is pretty much about tracking and setting priorities for yourself. Thanks so much for the comment!
Yes I am one of the people who end up going, 'omg I'm broke before pay day!' I got used to my online banking with my old bank, it showed any and all charges to my account no matter how long it takes to take it from my account. My new bank does those nice little, 'one dollar holding charges" till the charge does go through and I've come very close to over draft fees several times in the past few months. Training myself to writing everything down will be a challenge, but it's something recently I've been trying to do lol
My bank has changed to the $1 holding fees, too. Annoying, even though I understand why they do it. ::grumble:: Thank you for commenting!
Writing everything down is very useful. Right now I'm working on a simple PHP/MySQL script that will allow me to keep track of it on my server.
I keep track of expenses on the computer, but there is something to be said for actually writing down what you bought with that $60 you took out from the fastcash withdrawal option on the cash machine. That's where the little leaks come into play, like snacks, sodas, lip gloss (especially for you <strong>guys</strong> hehe!)<br/><br/>Thanks for commenting!<br/>
very nice pictures and good instructable. I gota start doing this, maybe carry my pocket moleskine with me and jot everything down.
Thanks! You would be surprised at how much you learn in just the first month. If you can get yourself in the habit of doing this, you won't be sorry. Thank you for commenting!

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