Find the IP address of a website using command prompt

Picture of Find the IP address of a website using command prompt
This Instructable will show you how to find the IP address of of any website you want and find where the IP address originates from.
And using this method instead of pinging the address shows you the fastest connection speed between servers/connections.

Btw, tell me how you go using it.
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Step 1: Find the IP address

Picture of Find the IP address
Open command prompt and type in "tracert" then type in the website for example "tracert" without these things"".

The second picture shows what comes up.

The IP address is what comes up next to where it says "tracing route to (the website you inserted)(the IP address).

Step 2: Tracing the IP Address

Picture of Tracing the IP Address
To trace where the signal originates from use a website like this and that tells you where it originates from, but to find the company and other things about them use this.

That concludes my instructable.
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akang20147 months ago

Thanks mister, this is very carring out to check the blog site

akang20147 months ago

Thanks mister, this is very carring out to check the blog site

Snowdenchi8 months ago

Is it possible to see where a website was CREATED instead of getting the IP in California? Or is it as simple as "Look at one of the other results"?

Like, let us say they lived in Ontario or something but used a website creator from California. How do you get the other IP?

There are 2 ways to find the IP address of a website. One way is by using PING in command prompt:- start->run->cmd->ping Another way is by using Domain Host Search in which gives the IP address of the website, Service Provider, Country etc..

is there anyway to ping more than 1 ip at a same time??

siddjain10 months ago

I think This video is helpful. it properly differentiate between your External IP(WAN) and local IP(LAN).
I found it very useful hope it will works for you too :)
jackjessi1 year ago
Thanks for your information. There are lot of ways available to check website ip. I have check my website ip address from this site
prowebguru1 year ago
thanks for the tip.
Even you can check it online at
I tried creating a simple tool for finding website ip address.
Simon231 year ago
You can also find the Ip address of a website by using .
mb inventor2 years ago
one way you can get on to any website if its blocked is type 2#//hptt>.ip] infront of whatever is blocked
taleste2 years ago
Hey I have a small problem.
My computer was recently stolen. I think I found it for sale in a website.
I have the URL link for the website, but I do not know how to trace it.
Can you help me to find the IP aadress for the website and maybe even the location from where the add was posted?

The link is this, it is a Latvian web-site:

the department of defense is
the National Security Agency is
bgill23 years ago
can you plz tell me IP adress for facebook
mmahanta bgill23 years ago
the ip address of facebook is

Find more tricks on
jlaw6 bgill23 years ago
just like the last person and and also another thing that might work is if you try a modified version of the facebook script to access the site directly from the wdks server which is not restricted. let me know if it works for you.
nmikovic3 years ago
OK, you enter :
and you get the IP.So to use it you need to go to :
On the right side there is a ip location.Just enter the IP you got and sometimes you may get the post number of the corporation.
jlaw6 nmikovic3 years ago
face book ips. not sure when thay expire. all are working now. and and
joinaqd6 years ago
gave you 5 stars, nice could you put some examples of what we can do with the IP address?
thermoelectric (author)  joinaqd6 years ago
You could remotely connect to someones computer...
DrJekyl6 years ago
That was good. Looks like it traces through all the IP addresses which are between the target IP address and my machine. Those intermediataries are ISPs, Regional routers and HTTP servers.
sent email this code
thermoelectric (author)  DrJekyl6 years ago
Yeah, it does that, It also shows the DNS servers.
alfred_a4 years ago
You can also use one of the many DNS and IP dedicated web sites like but I think a ping is the fastest way...
Hine894 years ago
Another way to get the IP address of a website is to type into CMD, "nslookup (website)", and the "Address" at the bottom will be the website's IP.
nslookup to chack dns server ip.
no host ip see.
connman4 years ago
my schools blocked facebook, i did this but i cant log on and i need to speak to my parents who live abroad but i dont want a massive phone bill, i tried using anchor free but they've blocked that too :( im a really non computerish guy so if you have instructions theyll have to be quite simple :P cheeeers :D
Truly gr8, but could u plz provide details how we can pass diff website blocks or create those blocks with the available info? Thanx
thermoelectric (author)  rsscarface1385 years ago
Getting around blocked sites is as easy as using a proxy server, just search on Instructables for information. Blocking websites is a lot harder unless you have access to the router or the networks proxy server.
then could u tell me how to get access to the router or the networks proxy server of a particular website?
thermoelectric (author)  rsscarface1385 years ago
Try searching for it.
jibatsu5 years ago is i typed it into my url and it came to google
thermoelectric (author)  jibatsu5 years ago
Hmmm, Don't really know why that is happenning
fun ible either way, my dad has a website so i tried that, it came to a small animated picture, turns out it was another website he is making and that he was going to show it to me but i found it before he could tel me.
thermoelectric (author)  jibatsu5 years ago
Cool, Glad you liked it.
I liked your instructable. But I was wondering, can you be more specific when typing in the website? Like instead of just,, could you do like,, and get the ip address to the person's home computer used in making their website?? I'm a curious soul, and it won't work. So I was wondering if you knew how to obtain that sort of information. Thanks!
thermoelectric (author)  Jjolleygal995 years ago
Unfortunatly no, Because this relys on finding the server. Which is the website's server, not your home computer
Oh Darn. Oh well. Thanks!
thermoelectric (author)  Jjolleygal995 years ago
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