Picture of Finding Herobrine In Minecraft P.E.
*Has to be survival
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Step 1: Creating

Picture of Creating
In order to find Herobrine the world generator seed must be "Need Water" with capitals and spaces.

Step 2: Spawn Point

Picture of Spawn Point
Here is your spawn point. Get the sugar canes to make paper, books, bookshelves for decoration.

Step 3: Herobrine's island

Picture of Herobrine's island
Look for this specific island throughout the map since here is where herobrine lurks...

Step 4: The Entry

Picture of The Entry
This stone block is where everything starts. When you break this block, you will find a room underneath. If not, dig deeper all the way around this stone block. There will be a painting in Herobrine's room and you will need to walk thought it. You should enter a mine or a second chamber, where Herobrine will hunt you down. Good luck everyone and since this is a DIY, Do It Yourself before asking me to send proof.
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Does it work in a sever

btw I had kno idea my user name was Kittykat here it supose to be coolcam

I'm so scared to do it does it work if you do it with a friend

SasDaGreat16 days ago


SasDaGreat16 days ago

Doesn't work crappers

EnderM9 months ago

that isn't normal when I left my village I was mineing trees than suddenly it got dark and the black smith was on fire i never mined the lava thing is herobrine on my world?

Seed: gold-diamond

TWILZ99 EnderM17 days ago
No it's just the lava catching the wood
dionelam EnderM7 months ago

that always happen to me so i think its ordinary or something has been wrong with your building

dionelam dionelam7 months ago

mine i put lava then after i turn back and start building mine was set on fire

dionelam dionelam7 months ago

PS. my real name is Marielle

dont put your name on the internet!!!

PaulFrank (author)  EnderM2 months ago

Agreed with Rosie

RosieB2 EnderM3 months ago

its a bug its not herobrine and there are no storms on mcpe.

The lava set the wood on fire

ErinM4 EnderM7 months ago

EnderM, if it got dark because of a storm.... then lighting must of struck the blacksmith.... and it got on fire ): otherwise, then YES herobrine was on your world! Happy Mining!

Herobrine wasn't in your world, because of lava that caused the blacksmith to burn. Remove all wood near the lava so no fire on the blacksmith will never happen again.
Daoink EnderM6 months ago

No offence, you guys don't know that that is a blacksmith building. The blacksmith has a pool of lava so it sets the building on fire. It always happens on mine. No offence again.

First, remove all wood near the lava. I tried this and it never happened again.
No. Herobrine didn't burn the blacksmith and he's not in your world. The blacksmith burns because in the lava, there are some wood nearby, like Oak Planks, that caused the blacksmith burn. In my world, I removed all wood near the lava to avoid causing fires.

did not go to images I took screenshot of Herobrine!!


I saw him, no joke guys, not kidding

I believe in Herobrine completly

I spawned in an island and there was no other island in sight?

Flowergirl123 made it!1 month ago

seed: 900165

KotyBear151 month ago
hey this is my skin on minecraft i made it
KotyBear151 month ago
hey this is my skin on minecraft i made it
KotyBear151 month ago
ok this does not work i spawn in the plains
melliott121 year ago
If you found herobrine is in the game then plz prove it

i found herobrine and i killed him. First what I did was mine for enough diamonds for a full set of diamond armour and diamond sword then i i went to his hideout and killed him!

My friend from our school said that when Herobrine is killed, he will respawn but I don't think he is telling the truth.

he is real but impossible to kill me and my brothers were building and all my dogs started dieing then my house started burning and my brothers couldn't move they were stuck then he was on top of my house watching my brother who got the screen shot I tried killing him but every time you try it takes you to your home screen

It's true he just respawned like a normal steve. He even did /kill to my brther nd he died instantly.

Guys Herobrine is NOT TRUE its an URBAN MYTH CONFIRMED BY NOTCH LOOK AT THIS WEBSITE: minecraftpocketedition.wikia.com

you so stupid

WarM15 months ago

this is real i keep seeing explosions and a giant sand cave carved in sand

RosieB2 WarM13 months ago

DUDE, Herobrine went to my world twice. Number 1: I was doing a youtube video about Plug for Mcpe then I made a new world in survival, I was playing without wifi and no one else was on the world, a minute later I saw a person fall from the sky but I didn't see his eyes.I quit to title deleted the youtube video and world. Number 2: I was continuing my survive a seed on survival and I was making my house suddenly through the wall I heard someone die and I was by myself and I thought to my self “OH NO! HEROBRINE JOINED MY WORLD AGAIN! I THINK THE SHEEP IS HEROBRINE” When i heard a person dieing there was a sheep then the sheep went silent then BOOM! the sheep is baaing again but I still went to that world cause I'm not reseting all the hard work I did in that World!

DONE herobrine is a player who can join anyones world over the wifi or not. I bet he hacked the game then when he presses play there are a bunch of worlds in blue.

PaulFrank (author)  RosieB22 months ago

Rosie, post some pictures please, I am quite interested to test your new theory/story

ticcisarah23 7 months ago
I'm so scared to do it but can I do it in creative beacause I don't wanna die
PaulFrank (author)  ticcisarah23 6 months ago
Unfortunatly, the world needs to be in survival. Herobrine is pretty much another annoying player always trying to kill you...with glowing eyes, teleportation, diamond sword, fire resistance, drowning resistance and more health
Thank you I got a newer version of minecraft pe I'm going to be trying it on my phone instead of my tablet and I did not know all all that exept the glowing eyes and the teleportation
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