Picture of Finding Herobrine In Minecraft P.E.
*Has to be survival
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Step 1: Creating

Picture of Creating
In order to find Herobrine the world generator seed must be "Need Water" with capitals and spaces.

Step 2: Spawn Point

Picture of Spawn Point
Here is your spawn point. Get the sugar canes to make paper, books, bookshelves for decoration.

Step 3: Herobrine's island

Picture of Herobrine's island
Look for this specific island throughout the map since here is where herobrine lurks...

Step 4: The Entry

Picture of The Entry
This stone block is where everything starts. When you break this block, you will find a room underneath. If not, dig deeper all the way around this stone block. There will be a painting in Herobrine's room and you will need to walk thought it. You should enter a mine or a second chamber, where Herobrine will hunt you down. Good luck everyone and since this is a DIY, Do It Yourself before asking me to send proof.
PaulFrank (author) 3 days ago
@EnderM Yes I think the same type of thing happens if you walk too deep in Herobrine's world
EnderM9 days ago

that isn't normal when I left my village I was mineing trees than suddenly it got dark and the black smith was on fire i never mined the lava thing is herobrine on my world?

Seed: gold-diamond


does it still work with the new update?

Yes infinite worlds will make it harder to find his island but I tried and I still could since the spawn point is the same

K thanks. I'll have to try it today.
SplattyCat3 months ago

when I spawn I spawn on an island but there are no islands anywhere else :/

PaulFrank (author)  SplattyCat22 days ago

Make sure you typed the seed correctly

This doesn't tell anything about how to catch herobrine. But, cool house dude!

hi does it really work?

melliott128 months ago
If you found herobrine is in the game then plz prove it

i found herobrine and i killed him. First what I did was mine for enough diamonds for a full set of diamond armour and diamond sword then i i went to his hideout and killed him!

PaulFrank (author) 3 months ago
@Minecrafter18 Break down a lot of blocks and if it still doesn't work ill send you a screen shot by email.
Minecrafter184 months ago

It didn't work... I dug the stone up, but nothing was there! I also broke blocks around it. Does the difficulty have to be on. Please reply.

Heroboss11 months ago
Dude how do u find herobrine? It said nothing. But cool house
PaulFrank (author)  Heroboss4 months ago
Read my comment below
mcdonaldr11 months ago
cool house, but how do you find herobrine!?!?
PaulFrank (author)  mcdonaldr4 months ago
Read my comments below
Lewis72066 months ago
Dum dum dum daaaaaaa!!! (Dramatic sounds!)
Lewis72066 months ago
Herobrine has not been officially added into any version of the game. However, some members of staff at mojang added his texture file into the game, so it may be possible that he is in the game... But no one has found him yet...
They should make a update were herobrine is a boss that you find in the nether

no offense, but that would be pointless. herobrine was removed, why would they bring him back? Also, the wither is the boss of the nether.

Animal fan9 months ago
Pointless.There is no herobrine.
for those of you that think herobrine was actually in the game.... News flash he's not. He was never even in the original computer version. All those videos you see are people that have skins that look what it suppose to be herobrine. And before you say "But on the update list they say 'removed herobrine' they only say that because they got sick of all the rumors. Otherwise, why would they feel the need to have to put that on EVERY single major update they have done? Stop thinking he is real. He's not.
Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
I don't want to be rude, but I agree with Noah tingey
If anyone has proof of herobrine's existence on minecraft pe pleze put it online. Thx!
Hey,it's XxKawaii-- Well,you know. My account was hacked,so I had to change the password,but then I forgot it again. Lol.
Hey,it's XxKawaii-- Well,you know. My account was hacked,so I had to change the password,but then I forgot it again. Lol.
Hi! I followed you,just because of this great tutorial! I'm a big Minecraft nerd. Lol.
PaulFrank (author) 1 year ago
PaulFrank (author) 1 year ago
Nice try Mr.Jelly
Note that they said "...Into any version..."
PaulFrank (author) 1 year ago
@NoahTingey Note that this is P.E. In PC you have to summon him.
"The fictional character Herobrine has, and will not be added into any version of the game. Anybody claiming to have seen him is lying." -- Mojang
PaulFrank (author) 1 year ago
Thanks @DwarvenMithril
PaulFrank (author) 1 year ago
Break this stone block under the arrow and dig down three blocks go to your house and stay there for a Minecraft day
photo-2013-05-20 9:42 AM.jpg
PaulFrank (author) 1 year ago
Yes I'll show you a Herobrine cave ill add on
Do you have any proof that herobrine is in the map? But overwise cheers for seed