*Has to be survival

Step 1: Creating

In order to find Herobrine the world generator seed must be "Need Water" with capitals and spaces.
Guys don't lose hope on herobrine in Pe. I made a spawner one time and it worked! At first I thought it was my brother playing with me, but herobrine used /kill and he died. No joke in pe. He spawned after a couple days! And he talks to u, but had no white eyes.
Hi, i need help making herobrine on minecraft pe i dont know what version but i have tried sevral times to spawn him but i just cant do it sucsessfully plz help me! Thank you oh p.s. i dont know what version i have
<p>that is just a trick</p>
Yes it is
A trick
<p>Then he's a fake, Herobrine's eyes are always white and glowing, unless he's in disguise...</p>
<p>I don't believe you!-_-</p>
<p>he talks to you?</p>
<p>did not go to images I took screenshot of Herobrine!!</p>
I found him on a server named my world version 0.14.1 and he say to me he's the real herobrine
<p>I only slightly saw hero brine but your so lucky I've wanted to talk to him ever since I was little say hi to him for me :3</p>
<p>i did not see him in that photo! But, i still beleve you.</p>
<p>He doesnt exist.-.</p>
That is awesome. I'm going to trie it. I hope it works.
That is nor true
<p>Hi is it infinity</p>
<p>is it infinity</p>
<p>Hi is herobrine real because I want to fight him please</p>
<p>didnt work.... help.... anyone...l i did everything right and all, i ended up on the wrong island and didnt see any islands that y'all talking about....</p>
What should we do
What should we do
Me and a friend of mine are in bit of a pickle here. We have had some very strange things, cows missing, pro power ups missing, villagers missing, random hit points taken out of no where, and the server crashing 2047
<p>In one of my sister's worlds, she exploded a cave and she saw a strange figure, then she saw a random wooden building. Should we be worried? Is it Herobrine?</p>
<p>Herobrine Is Real. But iv'e never encountered him on pocket edition. im on minecaft 15.0 so your on a diffrent version. your most likely to have the 6.x or the 5.x mabye just the 7.x. But i have encountered herobrinenon pc before though.</p>
<p>mih dnuof uoy ,lleW</p>
You are the real herobrine?
<p>thanks this is helpful</p>
Which island<br>
Is this for pe
I made it I enter his chamber on minecraft 0.2.0
i cant use antivirus it say no viruses.herobrine is a great hacker or something?
<p>of course</p>
You are a lier
Where is the island<br>
<p>Hey I beleave you I spawned on an island but where hero brine? Do I have to wait or... Cause I'm dying to talk to him I have been for years :3</p>
Before i meet herobrine i see this word
<p>Mee To!</p>
<p>i always see it to!</p>
<p>Couldn't find island and didn't sown in the right place please help me</p>
i confused why herobrine can join my singleplayer world without connection,i think hacker or virus need a connetion or...sorry i dont know how its work im not a hacker
<p>Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that, to load seeds, you need an internet connection</p>
I put the seed in and i didnt spawn on the right island...but i did spawn on herobrines island and found an arch way of sand , i digged behind it and there was nothin there?<br>
<p>try another side of the island</p>
They should make a update were herobrine is a boss that you find in the nether
<p>no offense, but that would be pointless. herobrine was removed, why would they bring him back? Also, the wither is the boss of the nether.</p>
<p>Actually, the Wither is an optional boss. It has no specific territory</p>

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