Picture of Finding Herobrine In Minecraft P.E.
*Has to be survival
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Step 1: Creating

Picture of Creating
In order to find Herobrine the world generator seed must be "Need Water" with capitals and spaces.

Step 2: Spawn Point

Picture of Spawn Point
Here is your spawn point. Get the sugar canes to make paper, books, bookshelves for decoration.

Step 3: Herobrine's island

Picture of Herobrine's island
Look for this specific island throughout the map since here is where herobrine lurks...

Step 4: The Entry

Picture of The Entry
This stone block is where everything starts. When you break this block, you will find a room underneath. If not, dig deeper all the way around this stone block. There will be a painting in Herobrine's room and you will need to walk thought it. You should enter a mine or a second chamber, where Herobrine will hunt you down. Good luck everyone and since this is a DIY, Do It Yourself before asking me to send proof.
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SRaineL 7 days ago
Guys don't lose hope on herobrine in Pe. I made a spawner one time and it worked! At first I thought it was my brother playing with me, but herobrine used /kill and he died. No joke in pe. He spawned after a couple days! And he talks to u, but had no white eyes.
WarM111 days ago

this is real i keep seeing explosions and a giant sand cave carved in sand

Animal fan1 year ago
Pointless.There is no herobrine.
for those of you that think herobrine was actually in the game.... News flash he's not. He was never even in the original computer version. All those videos you see are people that have skins that look what it suppose to be herobrine. And before you say "But on the update list they say 'removed herobrine' they only say that because they got sick of all the rumors. Otherwise, why would they feel the need to have to put that on EVERY single major update they have done? Stop thinking he is real. He's not.
You're right. Herobrine isn't real at all. I watch many videos about Herobrine on MCPE and I think it's just server and that Herobrine player has a Herobrine skin.
melliott121 year ago
If you found herobrine is in the game then plz prove it

i found herobrine and i killed him. First what I did was mine for enough diamonds for a full set of diamond armour and diamond sword then i i went to his hideout and killed him!

My friend from our school said that when Herobrine is killed, he will respawn but I don't think he is telling the truth.
EnderM4 months ago

that isn't normal when I left my village I was mineing trees than suddenly it got dark and the black smith was on fire i never mined the lava thing is herobrine on my world?

Seed: gold-diamond

ErinM4 EnderM2 months ago

EnderM, if it got dark because of a storm.... then lighting must of struck the blacksmith.... and it got on fire ): otherwise, then YES herobrine was on your world! Happy Mining!

Herobrine wasn't in your world, because of lava that caused the blacksmith to burn. Remove all wood near the lava so no fire on the blacksmith will never happen again.
Daoink EnderM1 month ago

No offence, you guys don't know that that is a blacksmith building. The blacksmith has a pool of lava so it sets the building on fire. It always happens on mine. No offence again.

First, remove all wood near the lava. I tried this and it never happened again.
No. Herobrine didn't burn the blacksmith and he's not in your world. The blacksmith burns because in the lava, there are some wood nearby, like Oak Planks, that caused the blacksmith burn. In my world, I removed all wood near the lava to avoid causing fires.
dionelam EnderM2 months ago

that always happen to me so i think its ordinary or something has been wrong with your building

dionelam dionelam2 months ago

mine i put lava then after i turn back and start building mine was set on fire

dionelam dionelam2 months ago

PS. my real name is Marielle

Dorkie4318 days ago
This is real
I'm so scared to do it but can I do it in creative beacause I don't wanna die
PaulFrank (author)  ticcisarah23 1 month ago
Unfortunatly, the world needs to be in survival. Herobrine is pretty much another annoying player always trying to kill you...with glowing eyes, teleportation, diamond sword, fire resistance, drowning resistance and more health
Thank you I got a newer version of minecraft pe I'm going to be trying it on my phone instead of my tablet and I did not know all all that exept the glowing eyes and the teleportation
ErinM42 months ago

EnderM, yes!!!!

PaulFrank (author) 4 months ago
@EnderM Yes I think the same type of thing happens if you walk too deep in Herobrine's world

dang it I dig around the stone block and down but still see stone and stone I can't see anything like pictures or name

DamianR3 months ago

Does the world have to be old or infinite

PaulFrank (author) 3 months ago
EVERYBODY THAT HAS TROUBLE READ THIS. I did mention but not very clearly that the world NEEDS TO BE SURVIVAL again because if not, Herobrine won't hunt you because he can't hunt you.
PaulFrank (author) 3 months ago
@waraney.immanuel Look on my pictures and you'll see trees. Look for that same type of tree and you should find the island. I've tried on both 8.1 an 7.2 infinite worlds and it seems to still work for me.
I can't seem to find the same island
From where i spawn
Austydude4 months ago
PaulFrank I was on my 7.6 world I was going to get some sticks from the wood off the trees for sticks to make some stone tools then I saw my house was on fire then I ran back to my emergency shelter then I want behind the secret panting then.................... I saw him he killed me and I've always kept that world for proof that he's real on pocket edition.
Austydude4 months ago
EnderM I've used this seed before and I've seen herobrine

does it still work with the new update?

Yes infinite worlds will make it harder to find his island but I tried and I still could since the spawn point is the same

K thanks. I'll have to try it today.
SplattyCat7 months ago

when I spawn I spawn on an island but there are no islands anywhere else :/

PaulFrank (author)  SplattyCat5 months ago

Make sure you typed the seed correctly

This doesn't tell anything about how to catch herobrine. But, cool house dude!

hi does it really work?

PaulFrank (author) 8 months ago
@Minecrafter18 Break down a lot of blocks and if it still doesn't work ill send you a screen shot by email.
Minecrafter188 months ago

It didn't work... I dug the stone up, but nothing was there! I also broke blocks around it. Does the difficulty have to be on. Please reply.

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