Introduction: Finding and Fixing an Engine Oil Leak.

Picture of Finding and Fixing an Engine Oil Leak.

I recently noticed drops of oil when reversing the car into my garage. While parked no oil drips. Carefully investigating I saw oil on the engine mount bracket which made me alarmed for an oil leak so high.

Here is how I fixed this problem.

Step 1: Removing the Valve and Timing Belt Upper Covers.

Picture of Removing the Valve and Timing Belt Upper Covers.

The inside of the Timing Belt Upper cover shows oil which is not good at all.

Step 2: Forensic Evaluation.

Picture of Forensic Evaluation.

Oil has been seeping from the valve cover into the Timing Belt area. The suspect here is the valve cover gasket.

Step 3: Replacing the Gasket.

Picture of Replacing the Gasket.

Thankfully I had a spare gasket and I slotted it into place and apply silicone gasket to the corners. I cleaned off the old silicone from the engine block.

Step 4: Reinstallation and Completion.

Picture of Reinstallation and Completion.

Once bolted back in placed and torqued, I washed the engine and let it dry for 4 hours. Starting the car up and Test driving on a date shows no more oil leaks.


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