Finding Electrolytes in Orange Juice and Sports Drinks

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Picture of Finding Electrolytes in Orange Juice and Sports Drinks
I had to come up with a science fair project so I decided to play with food and find the stuff that you can generate electricity with, known as electrolytes. While playing with your food you will find out if orange juice has more electrolytes than a sports drink. This is a great project for older kids science projects. It is also is very informative for sports considering that electrolytes are very important to staying heathy and active.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
orange juice
a sport drink of you choice (preferably Gatorade)
Bare copper wire, 24 gauge
wire cutters
1 in. plastic tube ( you can remove the insides from a pen and cut to one in.
9-v battery
9-v battery clip ( this is optional but it makes it a lot easier attach the wire to the battery.)
6 in. Wire with alligator clips on both ends (2)
small bowls ceramic, glass, plastic, NOT METAL (3)
masking tape
permanent marker
distilled water
tap water
digital multimeter
paper towel 
alligator clip with out a wire attached

Step 2: Putting the Pieces Together

Picture of Putting the Pieces Together
cut 2 6in. copper wire pieces

wrap 1 wire peice around the plastic pen tube close to the end of the tube and leave about 2 in. of copper wire unwrapped

do the same with the other wire on the opposite end of the tube.
the alligator clips with wire will come with clips on both ends but you will need to cut off one of the clips from the red wire and attach the loose wire to the positive end of your battery using the battery clip.  

cut off one clip from the black alligator clips with wire

attach the clip to one of the copper wires that is wrapped around the tube.

attach the wire from the clips to the negative end of the battery with the battery clip

how to measure the electrolytes in orange juice ??

lnecaise1 year ago
im doing that same project but i dont understand how to like make the science proposal thing '
themoose64 (author)  lnecaise1 year ago
Which part do you not understand? i can help you figure it out maybe.
wilgubeast2 years ago
This is an excellent project! Great work, team.
themoose64 (author) 2 years ago
Thanks. Just so you know I give credit to sistergldnhair who was also part of the project
BLUEBLOBS22 years ago
Very unique... It has a style all its own