Motorcycles: Finding the Right Fit


Introduction: Motorcycles: Finding the Right Fit

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Expert advice from Dan Johnson of Midwest Motorcycle on things to keep in mind when selecting and fitting a motorcycle for your body type.



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    they kill my back i have to have a cruiser

    That was a fairly long video, considering all it said was "Find a motorcycle that's comfortable" I'm sure Mr. Dan Johnson is a very knowledgeable guy, but he isn't going to be able to tell us much, when the video is 3/4 over before he opens his mouth. Same goes for the preventing break-in advice. "Put stuff in your trunk, not on the floor." These "WhatHappensNow" lean just a bit too far too the "spam" side for my liking.

    You may want to pick a somewhat more informative title - my first guess was that this was going to be about dating advice! :-D