This is Findus, he's based on a drawing that Julie made, unfortunately we lost it in the process. Findus is a hedghog builder, that's why he's wearing orange wellys and suspenders. His belly and the inside of his ears are soft pink.

Findus is feeling a little bit cold that's why he's wearing a warm and comfy scarf. He might even be on the edge of having a cold, because his eyes are very tired too.

Findus as you can see has spines on his head and all the way down his bag.
so adorable.
<p>thxxxxxx! </p>
The eyes on this guy are just too neat. He's adorable!
@jessyratfink, thx!
He's really cute. Is he wearing a watch?
@chrysN. well spotted, that's a watch on his arm.
It doesn't really look like a Hedgehog, but that's what anthropomorphism does for you...<br> It's very nicely made though, a beautiful piece of work.<br> <br> L
@lemonie, funny I have always more thought of them as amalgamations.
@smichael10. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx
Wow... you're work is absolutely outstanding!
@bajablue. thaaaaanx!

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