Step 5: Check Your Wax for Compatiblity.

Picture of Check Your Wax for Compatiblity.
Popcorn is a very fragile material. If you get it wet, it disintegrates.

To solve this, we are going to coat the kernel with a thin layer of wax.

However, the type of wax is important. Standard paraffin (candle) wax is too hydrophobic (water repelling) for the PMC to adhere.

I use "victory wax" which is a sticky, brown, sculptor's wax.

If you know a sculptor, odds are she/he has a few pounds of the stuff around. If not, I'm told that many PMC artists use cheese wax. That is to say, the wax used to dip cheeses in to seal them (like BabyBel cheeses). Just buy some Gouda, Edam, or BabyBel, and save the wax when you eat the cheese!

An experiment to see if your wax will work: just dip a tiny amount of the wax you have into the PMC paste. If it sticks, you're good to go!