This is a simple catapult made from elastic band and a piece of paper as ammo.
I use to do this all the time when I was younger, and for something so simple it use to keep us entertained for many hours.

Step 1: Materals Needed

Cut the paper as shown. You can use the template attached or any piece of paper. (My printer didn’t print the template straight, but it’s not important for this to be accurate.) one sheet will make four pieces of ammo and four targets.

Step 2: Ammo

Just keep folding in half.

Step 3: Targets

Again. Just keep folding in half.

Step 4: Completed

Now it is completed.
Try to knock down the target by stretching the elastic band between your fingers
Then looping the ammo around the elastic pull back and fire
<p>This is so getting me an A+ on my leonardo da vinci prject as a model catapult that is relatively harmeless</p>

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